UFC middleweight Brad Tavares hopes to fight Jack Hermansson after UFC 264

After his fight against Omari Akhmedov at UFC 264, Brad Tavares wants to fight the number 6th ranked middleweight Jack Hermansson.

Brad Tavares vs Jack Hermansson
Brad Tavares vs Jack Hermansson
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UFC middleweight Brad Tavares is currently on number 15 in the rankings. Tavares has been fighting in the UFC for a long time and now he’s looking to climb up in the rankings and he has a perfect opponent in mind.

Tavares is going to fight Omari Akhmedov at UFC 264, if he can get past this challenge then he is hoping to fight the number 6th ranked middleweight Jack Hermansson.

When asked about who he has in mind after this fight, he said, “Honestly, I didn’t even look that far. We as fighters try not to look past the guy in front of us. It’s kind of disrespectful to look past an opponent you have in front of you. Obviously, I feel confident going into any and every fight that I’m going to come out victorious as I do with this one.”

He continued, “Honestly, I haven’t really thought about it. One person that I wouldn’t mind fighting — ‘cause he’s called me out in the past when I was injured — is Jack Hermansson. So maybe our paths cross somewhere in the future.” (h/t MMA Mania.com)

“Francis, that’s my little brother,” Brad Tavares jokes about having Francis Ngannou around in the training

Brad Tavares on Francis Ngannou
Brad Tavares on Francis Ngannou

Both Tavares and the heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou trains at Xtreme Couture, and when asked about how does it feel to have Ngannou around in the training, he joked about it and said, “Francis, that’s my little brother. You gotta ask him what it’s like being with a behemoth like myself. [A] little small guy like that. Nah. it’s fun though. I love Francis. He’s definitely become one of the brothers. I remember when he first came over to the States, before he was even with Xtreme Couture, I used to see him at the UFC Performance Institute.”

Tavares added, “I’m a very playful guy, I’ll talk a lot of crap and razz people. I just remember Francis at the time had just come over, didn’t really know me, didn’t really speak too much English at the time, and here I am just talking crap to him. He would look at me and he probably didn’t understand what I was saying, and didn’t know me, he looked at me like was going to eat me. Over time he got to know me and the personality and we kind of have that playful relationship.”

Tavares thinks Ngannou is a physical specimen and it’s an honor to train with him, he stated, “It’s awesome being able to train with a guy like that. He’s a spectacle. Look at him. 6’5” of pure muscle and athleticism. But past the physical and athletic attributes, he’s a great guy, a great human being.”

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