“When I used to watch him in WEC, I remember being like, ‘I want to fight that guy.’” Max Griffin believes it was his destiny to fight Carlos Condit

Max Griffin reveals that he was a fan of Carlos Condit and always wanted to fight him, and this fight happening is a dream come true, and he is more than ready for this challenge.

Max Griffin on Carlos Condit
Max Griffin on Carlos Condit
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Max Griffin is going to face the former interim welterweight champion, Carlos Condit, at UFC 264 on July 10, and this is possibly the biggest fight of his career and he plans on making the most out of it.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Griffin said, “I’m pumped. Wonderful experience, wonderful time, wonderful opportunity. I’ve actually wanted to fight Carlos since I was young, since I was a kid, so to get this fight now, when I finally figured everything out, it’s amazing.”

Griffin revealed that he was a fan of Condit, and ever since he started doing MMA, he wanted to fight him, he said, “When I used to watch him in WEC, I used to watch him walk around the cage, mean-mugging the camera, and I remember being like, ‘I want to fight that guy.’ Now it’s come full circle. I have nothing but respect for him, legend of the sport. He’s going to be a hall of famer. He’s been there, done that with the best of them – former champion. It’s my time, though. All that stuff’s out the window now. It’s my time.”

“It’s going to be a masterpiece,” Max Griffin promises to put up a performance of a lifetime against Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit vs Max Griffin
Carlos Condit vs Max Griffin

Griffin believes that he will be moving in this fight with a proper game plan and more than enough preparation, “I’m adding new things, but my stuff’s working,” Griffin said. “My recipe is working.”

He added, “Yeah, I’m adding new things, but what I’m doing is working, it’s effective. I feel like ‘Salt Bae’ now. My recipe’s good, I’m throwing the stuff on top, and it’s going to be a masterpiece. July 10 will be my next greatest performance to date, I promise you. I have no doubts, 100 percent confidence.”

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