UFC 270: Michel Pereira puts up a crazy performance to get the unanimous decision victory against Andre Fialho

The welterweight contest between Andre Fialho and Michel Pereira just went down at UFC 270, and Michel got the unanimous decision victory after three hard-fought rounds.

Michel Pereira at UFC 270
Michel Pereira at UFC 270

The welterweight contest between Andre Fialho (14-3 MMA, 0-0 UFC) and Michel Pereira (26-11 MMA, 4-2 UFC) was one of the most exciting fights on the main card of UFC 270. Pereira is known for his unique style, and Fialho walked inside the octagon to shut the lights off his opponent.

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Round 1- Fialho immediately got in Michel’s face, and he was putting insane forward pressure on him. Michel landed a perfectly placed straight body kick, but Fialho kept his composure, Michel attempted a flying superman punch off the cage, but Fialho ate it well. Fialho landed a perfect jab that stunned Michel, and he stayed right in his face. Fialho was landing perfect punches, and Michel had nothing but his straight kick to the body going on. Fialho stayed true to the jab, and Michel slipped while attempting a flying knee, and Fialho took full advantage of the opportunity.

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Round 2 – Michel came out from the corner guns blazing, he hurt Fialho with a big right hand, and he followed it up with a couple of flying kicks. Fialho started moving back, and Michel just went after him. These two got in a slugfest, and Michel landed a big front kick to the body that really hurt Fialho. Michel moved forward, and got the clinch, he landed some big knees before Fialho started blasting the body with punches. Michel kept the pressure high and got the takedown just as the round was ending.

Michel Pereira left it all in the final round to get the victory against Andre Fialho at UFC 270

Round 3 – The last round was for all the marbles, and they fought accordingly. Michel was moving well landing some nice shots and Fialho just stayed right in his face. Fialho was trying to put pressure on Michel but nothing was landing clean for him. Michel stayed true to his front kick to the body, and they finished the fight by exchanging punches. A great addition to the main card of UFC 270.

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