Was Jon Jones roommate with Colby Covington? Know everything about the two UFC star’s beef

Explore the beef between UFC fighters Jon "Bones" Jones and Colby "Chaos" Covington.

Was Jon Jones roommate with Colby Covington? Know everything about the two UFC star’s beef

Colby Covington and Jon Jones (Image via: The Sun)

Jon Jones and Colby Covington are some of the best fighters in their respective divisions. In the case of Jones, he is the arguable GOAT of MMA. UFC CEO Dana White has said on multiple occasions that Covington would’ve been champion if not for Kamaru Usman.

Both Covington and Jones were collegiate wrestlers before their MMA career. Covington has competed in junior college wrestling in addition to Division I wrestling. Jones had competed only in junior college wrestling before he transitioned to MMA. Both fighters have used their wrestling prowess to full advantage in their fights.


Was Jon Jones roommate with Colby Covington?

An interesting fact is that Covington and Jones were roommates at Iowa Central Community College. Both fighters wrestled only for a year at the junior college, where they became national champions. Covington transferred to the University of Iowa, whereas Jones transferred to the State University of New York at Morrisville.

Colby Covington
Colby Covington (Image via: Instagram/Colby Covington)

Covington’s stint at Iowa ended in controversy as the police arrested him for DUI. The wrestling faculty suspended him. This forced Covington to transfer to Oregon State University, where he came fifth at the NCAA at 174 pounds. Covington graduated with a bachelor’s in sociology from Oregon.

Jon Jones would also transfer after one year at the junior college. Jones did not pursue collegiate education or wrestling, as he dropped out of the State University of New York at Morrisville to pursue his MMA career.


When did the beef with Colby Covington and Jon Jones start?

At the beginning of Covington’s UFC career, Colby Covington and Jon Jones had a cordial relationship. Covington entered the UFC in 2014, six years after Jones made his debut in 2008. Covington was on the American Top Team at the time. Moreover, he was best friends with Jorge Masvidal, who shares a management team with Jones.

Jon Jones
Jon Jones (Image via: Instagram/Jon Jones)

The beef with Jon Jones began after Covington turned heel after the fight against Demian Maia in Brazil. His actions saved his UFC career as the promotion was planning to cut him. However, the negative publicity made Covington a must-watch for the fans. Nevertheless, he severed many relationships after he turned heel.

Covington began to personally attack other fighters after turning heel. He labeled Jorge Masvidal as a ‘Journeyman.’ Moreover, he even went off at Jones. He told a story to the media of Jones as a PED user, even from his collegiate days. However, Jones also fired back at the accusations of Covington as a thief. Jorge Masvidal was the one to reveal the story after hearing from Jon Jones.


What is the present state of the beef between Colby Covington and Jon Jones?

Colby Covington and Jon Jones have not rekindled their friendship. Moreover, Covington has not stopped leveling accusations against Jones. He recently accused Jones of being a collaborator of the convicted felon Jeffrey Epstein. However, Jones refuses to comment about Covington.

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal
Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal (Image via: Instagram/Colby Covington)

Rumors circulate that Jones asked the UFC not to have Covington in a PPV headlined by him. Covington cited this as the reason for the welterweight title clash between him and Leon Edwards at UFC 296.

Covington stated that the original plan was to have it as the co-main event of UFC 295, which was set to be headlined by Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic. However, Jones would injure his pectoral muscle and withdraw from the card.



Which college did Jon Jones and Colby Covington wrestle together?

Iowa Central Community College

Which College did Colby Covington graduate from?

Oregon State University

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