Did Colby Covington date Polyana Viana? Know everything about two UFC star’s relationship

Explore the relationship status of former couple: Colby Covington and Polyana Viana.

Did Colby Covington date Polyana Viana? Know everything about two UFC star’s relationship

Polyana Viana and Colby Covington (Image via: Instagram/Colby Covington)

Colby Covington is the cardio king of the UFC. The former interim welterweight champion changed from a baby face to heel after his victory over Demian Maia. He had since severed relationships with many fighters and friends in the UFC. The most famous was his fallout with his then-best friend, Jorge Masvidal. Colby Covington also had a good relationship with UFC strawweight Polyana Viana.

Masvidal and Dustin Poirier were teammates of Covington at the American Top Team gym in Coconut Creek, Miami, Florida. The drama, due to Covington’s persona, forced gym owner Dan Lambert to kick Covington out of the gym. Poirier and Masvidal still train at ATT. On the other hand, Covington trains at MMA Masters in Florida.


At MMA Masters, Covington became close with UFC strawweight Polyana Viana. The two have trained together, and Covington claimed he was in a relationship with Viana. Covington talked about it in an interview on Submission Radio. However, Viana was critical of the statement. After her victory over Jinh Yu Frey, Viana blasted Covington with her own statement. Nevertheless, the picture of the two on cordial terms is still on Covington’s Instagram. The picture is from March of 2021. Find out more details about Colby and Viana.

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What is Polyana Viana’s relationship status?

Polyana Viana is a Brazilian MMA fighter who fights predominantly in the strawweight division of the UFC. She is the daughter of a single mother, and she is a single mother to her son, Deivid. Deivid was born in 2010 when Viana was just 18 years old. Viana is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In addition to MMA, Viana is an avid cosplayer. She is a big fan of anime. Her favorite anime is Naruto.

Polyana Viana (Image via: Instagram/Polyana Viana)

At present, the status of Viana’s relationship is unknown. There is information available on her relationship status. Her known relationship was with Colby Covington in early 2021. Nevertheless, many fighters find Viana one of the most beautiful fighters in the UFC,

What is Colby Covington’s relationship status?

Colby Covington is one of the best trash talkers in the UFC. Covington was a Division 1 collegiate wrestler. His father, Brad Covington was also a collegiate wrestler. His older sister, Candace Covington, was a cheerleader in the NHL and NFL. Covington is also a black belt under Daniel Valverde in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Colby Covington
Colby Covington (Image via: Instagram/Colby Covington)

Colby Covington’s only known relationship is with Polyana Viana in early 2021. However, Covington is frequently seen with a group of girls from Miami. At present, Covington is extremely concentrated on MMA. Therefore, Covington does not seem to be in a relationship as of now. Nevertheless, Covington is a self-proclaimed philanderer.



What is the name of Polyana Viana’s son?


Who is Colby Covington’s Jiu-Jitsu master?

Daniel Valverde

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