UFC Fight Night: Ortega vs. The Korean Zombie – Preliminary Card Results

Headlined by Brian Ortega vs Chan Sung Jung, here are all the results of the preliminary card of UFC Fight Island 6.

Chan Sung Jung (L) and Brian Ortega (R)

The much awaited Brian Ortega return is edging closer and we have the UFC Prelims which kicked things off. It was stacked with a plethora of fighters representing countries from all around the world. Here are the results from the prelims!

Bantamweight: Said Nurmagomedov vs. Mark Striegl

Said Nurmagomedov def. Mark Striegl by KO (punches). The first fight of the UFC Fight Island 6: Preliminary Card ended in a jiffy. The bantamweight contest between Russian, Said Nurmagomedov and Philippine, Mark Striegl, saw the Russian, Nurmagomedov come up trumps, just seconds into the fight. The result was a victory by knockout for Said Nurmagomedov. The victory marks Said’s 14th victory as a professional MMA fighter, with only 2 losses coming via unanimous decision.

Round 1

Nurmagomedov begins with a low kick and right hand. Mark Striegl gets played in while exchanging kicks, while getting caught with a left hook from Said Nurmagomedov when rushing in. Said takes advantage of this, and batters Striegl with punches and it is lights out in 51 seconds.

Winner – Said Nurmagomedov def. Mark Striefl by KO(Punches) : Round 1 (00:51)

Light Heavyweight: Gadzhimurad Antigulov vs. Maxim Grishin

Maxim Grishin def. Antigulov by TKO (punches). In an all-Russian encounter, veteran fighter Maxim Grishin looked to get back to winning ways after losing to Marcin Tybura in his last fight. Antigulov, on the other hand had hit a rough patch coming into the fight with three consecutive losses. But, he failed to snap his losing streak, with Grishin winning via TKO in the second round.

Round 1

Not much of an action packed round to begin with. After about a minute, Grishin produces two leg kicks before Antigulov pushes and puts Grishin to the fence. Grishin, strong with the kicks, goes for a few more and connects before Antigulov once again puts him to the fence. On separating Grishin once again lands a low kick with an elbow while Antigulov goes for a body shot. The round after a few more body jabs and a front kick miss for Grishin. The round slightly edges in favor of Grishin.

Round 2

Both the fighters show more energy going into this round, with Antigulov kneeing Grishin a couple of times. Grishin too gets back into the game, while Anitgulov goes for a guillotine, but on the wrong side – allowing Grishin to get back and land elbows. Grishin grounds Antigulov and continues to land hard elbows before Antigulov gets back to his feet and puts Grishin on the fence. A tired Grishin somehow lands a big elbow and a barrage of body shots and continues to do so, until the Referee calls it.

WinnerMaxim Grishin def. Antigulov by TKO (punches) : Round 2 (04:58)

Lightweight : Jamie Mullarkey vs. Fares Ziam

Fares Ziam def. Jamie Mullarkey by unanimous decision. Coming after a loss against Don Madge, “The Smile Killer” Fares Ziam looked to get back to winning ways against Australian, Jamie Mullarkey. Mullarkey, on the other hand too was coming after a unanimous decision loss against Brad Riddell. The fight went the full three rounds, with Fares Ziam winning the bout via unanimous decision.

Round 1

Ziam begins the round with a low kick and a jab, while Mullarkey takes him down against the fence while landing a front kick. Ziam responds with a hard elbow, tries a guillotine as well, while landing another elbow and hard leg kick. Ziam continues to dominate with a left hook, while Mullarkey keeps misfiring his shots. Mullarkey finally connects with some low kicks, before a good knee by Ziam ends the round. 10-9 Ziam.

Round 2

Mullarkey begins the round with a left hook to the body. He ups the ante this round. A lot of elbows from Mullarkey land while Ziam keeps kneeing, also attempting a flying knee which is caught by Mullarkey. Ziam once again lands a knee, while Mullarkey takes him to the fence. With two minutes to go Mullarkey lands a knee on Ziam before both get grounded. Mullarkey lurks for opportunities to land elbows, until he finally lands one towards the end. 10-9 Mullarkey.

Round 3

With the scores almost certainly tied, both the fighters show aggression. But, it is the Australian, who first makes the move and Ziam brilliantly avoids it. A takedown attempt from the Aussie catches Ziam off-guard, but the Frenchman somehow scrambles back to his feet. A lot of takedown attempts. Ziam finally lands an elbow, while Mullarkey keeps Ziam landed to the ground, near the fence. A lot of commotion, before Ziam ends the round with several ground strikes. 10-9 Ziam.

Winner – Fares Ziam def. Jamie Mullarkey by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Middleweight: Park Jun-yong vs. John Phillips

Park Jun-yong def. John Phillips by unanimous decision. It has been almost 10 months since Park lost fought. The Korean coming off a victory over Marc-Andre Barriault looked to continue his winning form, while his opponent John Phillips, the Welshman coming after a loss to ‘The Borz’ Khamzat Chimaev was desperate to get back to winning track. The fight ended with Park winning via unanimous decision – a bout the Korean completely dominated.

Round 1

Park begins the round with a double-leg takedown. Park has Phillips in his hold with a front headlock. He keeps hammer-fisting Phillips. He continues piling up hammerfists. Park completely dominates the round and ends it with short punches. 10-8 Park.

Round 2

Phillips initiates with low kicks. But, Park once again finds his way back with an uppercut and keeps landing a flurry of hooks. Then he follows it up with a barrage of hammerfists, just like he did in Round 1. Phillips tries to get back to his feet, but Park keeps him down and lands a plethora of short punches and hammerfists. 10-8 Park.

Round 3

Phillips, once again the aggressor, tries a series of punches. Park easily avoids and takes Phillips down. Grounding him, Park once again sends in a series of short punches and hammerfists. Phillips tries to get up, but of no avail. Park keeps landing short punches and he adds it up with elbows as well. The round ends. Park lands a staggering total of 286 strikes across the match. INSANE STUFF! 10-9 Park.

Winner – Park Jun-yong def. John Phillips by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25)

Women’s Flyweight : Gillian Robertson vs. Poliana Botelho

Gillian Robertson def. Poliana Botelho via unanimous decision. The Canadian, Gillian Robertson currently ranked no 15 in the women’s flyweight rankings faced Poliana Botelho of Brazil, who last fought 18 months ago. Poliana Botelho who was eager to step into the ring after the long hiatus, was dominated by the Canadian youngster.

Round 1

Robertson fires a few shots in the opening seconds, but Botelho gains control by landing an elbow, followed by hard low kick and a jab. Robertson, for her part, lands a low kick while receiving a left hook from Botelho. Robertson takes Botelho down towards the end of the round and both remain grounded. Kind of, an even round. 10-9 Botelho.

Round 2

Round begins with a jab from Botelho which knocks off Robertson’s mouthpiece. But, Robertson comes back stronger with short punched and side control. She goes onto land more punches and elbows, clearly winning the round. 10-8 Robertson.

Round 3

Robertson’s shots miss at the beginning, with Botelho trying a few combinations on her behalf. Robertson finally puts Botelho do the fence. With one minute left, Robertson attempts an armbar, but instead she pounds Botelho with a variety of short punches and she keeps pounding until the bell goes off. 10-8 Robertson.

Winner – Gillian Robertson def. Poliana Botelho by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)

Lightweight: Mateusz Gamrot vs. Guram Kutateladze

Kutateladze def. Gamrot by split decision. Both the fighters will be pumped to make their UFC debut on a night Brian Ortega marks his return. Gamrot, the undefeated Pole went into the fight with his confidence at the peak, only to be stopped by Guram Kutateladze.

Round 1

Guram Kutateladze confident with his steps gets checked by a kick from Gamrot. Guram Kutateladze avoids a heel hook from Gamrot and produces a kick of his own which connects. Gamrot then lands a left hook and then eats a low kick from Guram Kutateladze. Kutateladze avoids another Gamrot kick. The round ends with a Gamrot jab and Kutateladze body kicks. 10-9 Kutateladze.

Round 2

Both the fighters attempt takedowns, but fail in their attempt. Kutateladze follows it up with a good combo which floors Gamrot. Kutateladze gets taken down by Gamrot. They exchange body kicks with Kutateladze showing more aggression. Round ends with a long right from Gamrot. Despite, Gamrot dominating, it is still 10-9 Kutateladze.

Round 3

Going into the final round, Kutateladze begins with a low kick. They exchange kicks. Gamrot takes advantage and puts Kutateladze to the fence and catches with a knee. Both land hooks and right crosses. But, it is Gamrot who finishes the round strongly with a reactive-double leg and round punching. 10-9 Gamrot.

A close fight, but Kutateladze emerges victorious via split decision.

Winner – Kutateladze def. Gamrot by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

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