“I don’t think she cares”- Dana White declares Amanda Nunes departure from ATT not prompted by Kayla Harrison

Dana White does not believe the Kayla Harrison match-up was the reason for Amanda Nunes leaving ATT. White thinks Nunes just wanted to start her own gym.

Dana Whie Amanda Nunes and Kayla Harrison
Dana Whie (left) Amanda Nunes and Kayla Harrison (right)

Dana White does not believe Amanda Nunes leaving the ATT has anything to do with Kayla Harrison. White also thinks that both the parties possibly split on a good term and Nunes just wants to start her own gym.

Dana White has weighed in on why Nunes has ways parts with her long-term gym, which gave her all the success in the UFC and transformed her into the greatest women’s fighter to ever compete inside the octagon. White believes all the rumors of her leaving the gym due to Kayla Harrison are just fabricated by the media.

White said when asked if he knew about Nunes departure from ATT, “I didn’t see it but I did hear about it from Mick, Mick told me. I don’t think it is one of those things where she is leaving top team, I think she just wants to open her own gym.”

White, when suggested that the move could be due to a potential bout with Kayla Harrison, said, “I don’t think so. I don’t think she cares about that. Let me tell you what Amanda Nunes is one of the sweetest human beings on the planet. She is a good person, she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, and if I had to guess because you never know with the media and what they write and all their bullsh*t. I would imagine that it’s a friendly split, she’s gonna open her own gym. I know she loves Dan (Lambert) and Dan loves her so I don’t think it is a negative thing.

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Dana White anticipated the Amanda Nunes and Kayla Harrison fight to be a blockbuster

Dana White on Amanda Nunes Kayla Harrison fight
Amanda Nunes Kayla Harrison

Dana White has always praised Nunes as the greatest women’s fighter and according to him, a fight with two-times ha Olympic gold medalist Judoka would have been the biggest women’s fight in the company history. The UFC had all the build ready for this clash but Juliana Pena had other plans. Harrison was shown on the PPV broadcast which clearly hinted that the Pena had ruined White’s plan for Nunes vs Harrison.

It appeared that the UFC was going in the direction of booking Amanda Nunes and Kayla Harrison but Juliana Pena had her say in that. Harrison’s manager looks very interested in the match-up now that both the women are not training together. Would we see Kayla Harrison in UFC? This is the first question we should ask before we ask if she is going to fight Nunes?

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