“Kill 26 full adults,” Joe Rogan amazed by the natural ability of an Octopus species with 1200x times more powerful than cyanide

Joe Rogan's podcast delves into the marvels of marine life, highlighting the deadly blue-ringed octopus and its surprising cognitive abilities, captivating and educating listeners.

“Kill 26 full adults,” Joe Rogan amazed by the natural ability of an Octopus species with 1200x times more powerful than cyanide

Joe Rogan surprised by blue-ringed octopus (Image via: IMAGO, X)

Joe Rogan, on his podcast, talks with people from different sections of society. Comedian Kim Congdon and Sara Weinshenk were the recent guests on the JRE. One of the topics of discussion was the sea and the fauna in it.

During their conversation, the topic of the blue-ringed octopus surprised him. It was the toxin that it produced that caught Rogan’s attention. When Rogan heard about the lethality of the toxin, it amazed him. This is what he said about it.

Oh my God. It can kill 26 full adults in one bite. Yeah, that is so cr*zy. That is so ins*ne.
Joe Rogan via JRE

The blue-ringed octopus is a venomous sea creature. It produces Tetrodotoxin, which is a toxin capable of paralyzing and killing a human being. One bite is potent enough to kill 26 full-grown human beings. Rogan was even more surprised to know that no antidote was available for the toxin. He also talked about the octopus’s intelligence, and the guests clarified that it has the brain capacity of a 5-year-old human.

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Joe Rogan shares a cr*zy story about the intelligence of an octopus

Joe Rogan is a man of many talents. He started his career kickboxing and shifted to comedy. The comedy career landed him some acting appearances and a UFC spot. Now, Rogan is the host of the world’s most-viewed podcast.

Joe Rogan think the Kraken is a big octopus
Joe Rogan think the Kraken is a big octopus (Image via: IMAGO, X/Andrew X)

Rogan shared an interesting story about an Octopus in the recent podcast episode with Kim Congdon and Sara Weinshenk. This is what he said.

They had this tank that was set up next to another tank. So, one tank had an octopus in it, and the other tank across the room had fish in it. Fish started going missing,..........They found out what was going on: the octopus was climbing out of his tank, walking across the floor, climbing up into the other tank, snatching a fish, eating it, and then going back into his tank.

Interestingly, an octopus is a sentient being. Therefore it has the intelligence of a 5-year-old human being. Moreover, Rogan thinks that the mythical creature ‘Krakken‘ might be a giant octopus. Rogan has extensive knowledge regarding predatory animals from his talks with guests well-versed in the domain.


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