“Crickets”- Former UFC light heavyweight kingpin lets loose on media outlets for radio silence following Chael Sonnen’s rampage

Former Light Heavyweight champion, Jone Jones blasts Chael Sonnen faces a lawsuit from a violent incident. Read on to find out what the victims have to say about the alleged incident.

Jon Jones Chael Sonnen
Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen has been a MMA mainstay for decades, transitioning into YouTube and broadcasting after his retirement in 2019. More details about the incident involving Sonnen on December 18th has emerged, which led to former Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, of all people, blasting Sonnen on Twitter.

Sonnen was questioned by the police after the incident but all charges against him were dropped at that time. The only information out for the public was Brendan Schaub claiming that Sonnen beat some guys up after they made comments about her wife. Schaub said he got the information straight from Chael and since the charges were dropped there probably wasn’t much more to it.

However police re-opened the case this March, slapping Sonnen with a battery by strangulation charge and 10 other misdemeanors. The new charges have shed some light on the incident which the former fighter might not like.

Jon Jones, who has experience when it comes to beating people up outside the octagon, immediately took to Twitter to berate the multitudes of critics he had, all of whom seem to be ignoring Sonnen’s sins. Sonnen was one of his greatest critics and now he’s caught up in the same situation Jones once was.

“Man everyone and their mom covered my story when I was an asshole in Las Vegas, Sonnen allegedly attacks his wife, another woman along with like five men and crickets.”, Jon Jones told via Twitter.

Jon Jones Chael Sonnen
Jon Jones’s tweet on Chael Sonnen’s rampage

Back when the incident occurred Jones had tweeted that he wouldn’t celebrate Sonnen’s mistakes, instead he would pray for the victims and Sonnen’s family. Jones called out Schaub and Dan Hooker as well, both fighters having defended Sonnen before these details surfaced.

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Chael Sonnen’s victims recollect the alleged incident

Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen

The alleged victims, Dr. Christopher Stellpflig and wife Julie Stellpflig, have come forth with their side of the story. They claim Sonnen attacked them without provocation leaving both injured. The incident occurred at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas.

Apparently Sonnen appeared to be inebriated as he assaulted the couple who were on the way back to their room. Dr. Stellpflig talked to the media about the incident saying “I just want people to know it was a totally unprovoked attack…We were just walking into our room to plan a sushi dinner. We did nothing wrong, and this guy went on a crazy rampage.

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