“Jon’s going to get KO’d”- Michael Bisping breaks down Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou

Michael Bisping shared his views on the potential fight between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou. Here is te full story

Jon jones Michael Bisping Francis Ngannou
Jon jones Michael Bisping Francis Ngannou

As the anticipation of the heavyweight bout between Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones increases, Michael Bisping believes Jones will get knocked out.

Francis Ngannou just had an amazing night at UFC 270 where he successfully defended his heavyweight title for the first time. He defeated his most dangerous opponent, Ciryl Gane via unanimous decision and shut down all his haters and doubters. 

Ngannou showed a different and evolved version of him when fighting against Gane and dominated his opponent with his wrestling. Something that the fighter never had the opportunity to use as he is generally used to knock people out with his brute force. Now that the fight is over, the next bout that every MMA fan is excited about is the battle between Ngannou and Jones. 

The fight will be a very interesting one to watch as everyone knows how great Jones is inside the ring and how dominates his opponents. On the other hand, Ngannou’s ferocious power along with his rapidly evolving wrestling makes this match-up super exhilarating for fight fans.


Michael Bisping predicts Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones
Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones

Michael Bisping was recently on the Submission Radio‘s podcast where he discussed the potential Ngannou vs Jones fight with the hosts. When asked about his opinions of the match-up, the retired UFC superstar replied that it is something that only time can tell but Jones has to rely a lot on his wrestling. The fighter will have to have several successful takedowns to defeat Ngannou.

It’s a good question and only until the fight we will really know the answer to that. However, It all depends on Jones wrestling. If Jones can’t take him down he ain’t beating Francis Ngannou,” said Bisping. 

The former middleweight champion also revealed that it doesn’t matter how talented Jones is in building his game plan if he can’t beat Ngannou in a stand-up fight. Jones will have to take Ngannou down and control him on the ground. “I don’t care about Oh! He’s the master of game plans and all this type of stuff. If you are forced to stand toe-to-toe with Ngannou and you cannot take him down, Jon’s probably gonna get knocked out. Let’s be honest, we all know how hard he(Ngannou) hits,” said Bisping.

Interestingly, after Ngannou’s display of elite-level wrestling in the fight against Gane at UFC 270, the MMA pundits have started to predict the potential matchup. However, the bigger question is Will Francis Ngannou stay in the UFC considering his situation with the management?

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