“Leading People Away From God”- A furious Bryce Mitchell challenges Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson to debate him on the Flat Earth Theory

“Leading People Away From God”- A furious Bryce Mitchell challenges Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson to debate him on the Flat Earth Theory

Mitchell has called out Rogan to debate him on the validity of the flat earth theory

Move over Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bryce Mitchell is in town to debate Joe Rogan on the age-old question of, “Is our planet just a flying saucer?” The UFC featherweight recently put out a video calling out the host of JRE for a debate on the Flat Earth Theory.

Mitchell is known for his outlandish views on the world, partly shaped by his surroundings in rural Arkansas and partly shaped by his intense devotion to his religion. In fact, he believes that the universe was created by the Christian God and not a series of simultaneous events over eons.


Calling out Rogan for peddling, the earth is round theory Mitchell said, “This earth is flat, it’s fixed and the stars and stuff rotate around us” , even claiming the Sun rotated around Earth and not the other way round.

Calling out Rogan for spreading about the universe, Mitchell said, “I’m tired of you Joe Rogan, making fun of flat earthers. They are trying to feed you these lies to make you think that science is right, that God didn’t create the universe, the big bang did. “ Mitchell then said that he used to believe in the science, back when he was an atheist calling it, “Crap” purported by Tyson, the star of Cosmos and the head of the Hayden Planetarium

Mitchell then went on to debunk gravity, claiming it was “density” that made objects float. “There is no proof of gravity, there’s only proof of density, that’s why hot air balloons float”, said Mitchell as he berated Rogan and Tyson for, ” Leading people away from the Holy Spirit “


Mitchell’s claims have been debunked by several scientists and papers. Moreover, unlike Mitchell’s views that the idea of the earth being round was introduced by Tyson, we can find evidence going far back as ancient Greece when polymath, Eratosthenes first suggested the concept back in 200 BCE.

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Is Bryce Mitchell the only UFC Fighter to be a Flat-Earther?

Bryce Mitchell x Joe ROgan x Neil deGrasse Tyson
Mitchell is currently on the lookout for a ew opponent as Movsar Evloev pulled out of the bout in November

Mitchell however is not alone in his line of work, when it comes to believing in a flat earth theory. He is accompanied by big names like Paulo Costa, Kron Gracie, and Eddie Bravo.


Costa has alluded many times on social media that he is a subscriber to the flat earth theory. His skepticism about the universe once led a fan to educate him about the different moons of the planet Mars.

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Eddie Bravo is one of the more famous followers of the flat earth theory in the MMA landscape. The 10th Planet Jujitsu head has appeared multiple times on Rogan’s podcast to debate the validity of it, often getting ridiculed by Rogan and his friends.


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