“Go through me first” – Alexander Volkanovski pissed over Conor McGregor’s “SMELLY INBRED” comments on internet sensation Hasbulla

“Go through me first” – Alexander Volkanovski pissed over Conor McGregor’s “SMELLY INBRED” comments on internet sensation Hasbulla

Conor McGregor, Alexander Volkanovski, and Hasbulla

If Conor McGregor wants to hurt Hasbulla Magomedov, he would first have to deal with the pound-for-pound king Alexander Volkanovski. The Aussie comes to the internet’s sensation’s defense after Conor’s recent attack.


Nobody is safe from the Irish superstar Conor McGregor when he gets his “groove on”. The former UFC double champ recently launched a scathing attack on the internet’s favorite, Hasbulla Magomedov. The latter has always made friendly digs at the Irishman, calling him a “Chicken” referencing his fellow Dagestani, Khabib Nurmagomedov. If you know Conor, you know that any friend of Khabib is an enemy to the Notorious One.

So naturally, Conor went on a crazy tweet spree abusing the content creator from Dagestan. Hasbulla, the Russian social media sensation has a lot of friends in the UFC, including big names like Dana White, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and recently the pound-for-pound champ, Alexander Volkanovski. Recently, the content creator posted a video on his social media where he names his poultry (chicken), “Conor McGregor”. This was enough to trigger Conor and absolutely go in on the social media star. However, the Russian star needn’t fear as Alexander The Great has come to his defense against the Notorious One.

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Alexander Volkanovski responds to Conor’s tweets on the Russian

Alexander Volkanovski
Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski

Recently, the social media star flew to the “Land down under” which is also native to the UFC’s pound-for-pound champion. The two linked up in Australia and collaborated for a fun video. Alex also fell victim to one of Magomedov’s pranks and got smashed with a burger on his face. Despite being pranked, Volk was in good spirits about it and now is officially a friend of the Russian social media star.

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Conor, however, does not take jokes aimed at him lightly. The Irishman also used offensive slurs at Magomedov. Despite the tweets being deleted, screenshots of the insults are still circulating the internet and Volkanovski is not too happy about it. Alex responded to Conor’s insults aimed at his friend and wrote, “You’ll have to go through me first, Leave my mate alone,” in a recent tweet of his.

Alex has eyed a fight against Conor for quite some time now. Now they might have a reason to fight. Dana White, book Volknaovski vs McGregor ASAP with internet sensation as the special guest!


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