“Can’t wait” Aljamain Sterling makes a snarky comment on Dana White gifting YouTuber a massive $250K for his birthday

“Can’t wait” Aljamain Sterling  makes a snarky comment on Dana White gifting YouTuber a massive $250K for his birthday

Sterling called out Dana for his gifting habbits

Aljamain Sterling and Dana White don’t see eye to eye. If Dana’s reaction to Sterling’s victory against Yan and the general lack of opportunities provided to the Bantamweight were not clear enough, Sterling’s recent campaign for better pay has certainly landed him in the bad graces of the head boss.


However, one thing Sterling knows is that as long as he is a champion, he has leverage over the UFC. A similar feat was accomplished by Francis Ngannou earlier this year when he walked out to fight Cyril Gane, refusing to sign a new contract unless it came with a considerable bump in pay, along with certain rights inherent to independent contracts such as fighting under different banners.

Sterling has been vocal about him not wanting to face TJ Dillashaw as he considers the former champion to be a cheat, and also as he believes he should be paid higher as a champion. Recently he has also been open about how though he believes there are much-needed amendments to be made in the realm of fighter pay, he isn’t ready to go down defending it as the retaliation from the UFC can be severe.

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Aljamain Sterling sarcastically hits out at Dana White

Aljamain Sterling x Dana WHite
fans pointed out that White was visibly upset after Sterling’s victory over Yan in their rematch

Recently Dana White was seen along with NELK YouTubers, celebrating the birthday of the leader Kyle Forgeard. In the video White can be seen gifting the YouTuber, who often markets UFC events through his video, a sealed plastic bag with $250k cash, in it. The video drew backlash as that sum covered the amount paid to most fighters on the prelim combined.

Aljo ever the comedian obviously couldn’t miss the chance to take a dig at his boss for this insensitive gift. On Twitter reposting the video from Kyle’s account, Sterling tweeted, “Dope! My birthday is July 31st!” reminding his boss that these gestures Can be repeated on his employee’s birthdays too. “Can’t wait to see what Dana gets me!” said Sterling with what we can only imagine was a snarky grin.

The video of White gifting the YouTuber cash has gone viral, with many fans criticizing White for giving away, “unpaid wages” Former UFC Fighter, Louis Smolka even alluded that the video was more reason than anything to justify a fighters union.


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