“I am embarassed,” Celebrity comedian shocked to find out UFC star Chael Sonnen was virgin until he met his wife

Andrew Schulz is surprised after he learns Chael Sonnen was saving himself for his wife

“I am embarassed,” Celebrity comedian shocked to find out UFC star Chael Sonnen was virgin until he met his wife

Chael Sonnen and his wife (Image Source - Extra TV)

Chael Sonnen recently appeared on the Flagrant podcast hosted by Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh. On the podcast, Sonnen touched on a lot of topics but one topic specifically caught him off-guard. Sonnen on his podcast surprised Andrew Schulz after revealing he was a virgin until he found his wife.


Chael Sonnen was a much-anticipated guest on the Flagrant show. With Chael Sonnen’s genius and Andrew Schulz’s comedic timing, the whole episode was a blast. In this episode, Sonnen talked about a lot of things related to his fights and personal life. While half of the things he mentioned were jokes many of them flew under the radar. The former UFC vet also revealed how he was a virgin until he met his wife. This question was prompted by Schulz who later dapped up Sonnen after his answer.

Schulz later pointed out that Akaash Singh and Alexxmedia, members of the podcast did the same. Sonnen was later asked if he talked about it much.
I don’t want to go any further I am embarrassed about it,” said Chael. Sonnen later addressed that this topic was bought up a lot in his gym during his fighting days. Sonnen was known as someone saving himself, so the topic of his virginity was too embarrassing for him. Chael also talked about how he knew the infamous D.B. Cooper and how he once robbed a bank.

Chael is also notorious for trolling people. So, clearly, some of the statements he made were jokes but how many of them actually happened is questionable.
Chael Sonnen was one of the best trash talkers to fight in the UFC. Many blamed Sonnen for getting title fights using his skills on the mic instead of his record. However, all of that is in the past as Sonnen is now committed to his youtube channel which has over a million subscribers.


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Chael Sonnen appreciates Israel Adesanya for clowning Alex Pereira’s kid

chael impressed by israel

Chael Sonnen is all praise for Israel Adesanya clowning Alex Pereira’s kid after his win. Adesanya was able to defeat Pereira with a brutal second-round knockout in the second round of the match. After his victory, Adesanya was seen searching for someone in the crowd and imitated being out cold. It was later known that Israel Adesanya did that for ‘Poatan’s kid. This gesture was in response to Pereira’s kid after he trolled Adesanya for a loss against Alex in their second fight. While many people believed Adesanya’s actions were petty, some were also a fan of his antics.

Chael Sonnen was one of them who appreciated Adesanya for turning heel at that moment. Sonnen claimed that he was not aware of why was Adesanya mimicking being out cold. The reason was later brought to his attention by Belal Muhammad’s tweet. “ I have since then watched it 3 or 4 times,” said Sonnen.

Sonnen also seemed to appreciate Adesanya for putting up the peace of theatre and executing everything beautifully after his win. With all the praise, however, he also talked about the disadvantages of becoming the bad guy and how it can backfire. While Izzy might have clowned a kid, him turning into the bad guy is not yet confirmed


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