Chael Sonnen believes Aleksandar Rakic would’ve challenged for the title if he beat Jan Blachowicz

Chael Sonnen believes Aleksandar Rakic would’ve challenged for the title if he beat Jan Blachowicz

Chael Sonnen and Aleksander Rakic

Jan Blachowicz and Aleksandar Rakic fought in the main event of UFC Vegas 55 and the fight saw some amazing exchanges between both fighters. However, the fight was ended in a way that has upset the MMA community. Jan was fighting Aleksandar after his loss against Glover Teixeira at UFC 267 and was looking back to fight for the title after winning the fight against Aleksandar.


Aleksandar was fighting after over a year and was looking to win the fight and secure a title shot against the winner of Glover Teixeira and Jiri Prochazka. The fight was important for both the fighters and they showed that in the match. The first round saw some exchanges between both fighters and Aleksander was even able to cut Jan with the right-hand blow under his eye however, Jan bounced back unaffected and maintained pressure on Aleksander throughout the first round.

Aleksander maintained ground control throughout the second round and made Jan defend off his back until the round ended. As fans were excited about the third round, Aleksander awkwardly fell to the ground, holding his knee. The fight was ended and Jan was declared the winner by the doctor’s stoppage.

Both fighters seemed upset about the result and Jan expressed his sadness and said this was not how he wanted to win. As the fight ended, many experts have given their opinion about the event. Latest in the line is Chael Sonnen, who believes Aleksandar Rakic would have been the number one contender, despite the result of Glover Teixeira vs Jiri Prochazka, if he would have won the fight. In his recent YouTube video, Chael said he believes Jan should not get the title shot as no one gets a title shot after winning a fight because of an injury.


Chael Sonnen said: “I do think if Rakic would have won, regardless of what happens in Glover’s fight with Prochazka, I think Rakic would have been the number one contender. I’m just bringing this up. Perhaps it’s Blachowicz. But I don’t know of a time in history that somebody became a number one contender off of an injury. It may have happened, but I don’t know of one. Not to mention, an injury that won you a fight in a fight that you were losing. I don’t know if that’s relevant.”

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Both Aleksandar Rakic and Jan Blachowicz needed surgeries after their fight at UFC Vegas 54

Jan Blachowicz vs Aleksandar Rakic
Jan Blachowicz vs Aleksander Rakic

Both Aleksandar Rakic and Jan Blachowicz suffered injuries during their fight at UFC Vegas 54. Jan suffered a cut right below his eye and Aleksandar Rakic suffered a knee injury. After the fight Aleksander underwent an MRI, confirming a torn ACL. Aleksandar Rakic called for a rematch in his Instagram post. Aleksander wrote: “One thing I promise you, I will be back better than ever! This is not over yet. Unfinished business. Rematch! I waited for you to heal. Now you wait for me to heal. Let’s run it back!!!”

Jan also underwent a surgery to treat the cut under his left eye. After the surgery, Jan gave an update about the injury through his Instagram stories and said: “So we did a small surgery, they fixed my eye. They put something inside for six weeks. Some kind of tube. So after six weeks, I need to take it out. That’s it. I still feel the drugs they gave to me and I enjoy it very much.”


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