“It will be the first sign,” Chael Sonnen teases Conor McGregor set for a torch pass at UFC 300 drawing parallel to Brock Lesnar and GSP

Unlike the highly anticipated Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler fight, UFC great Chael Sonnen envisions a different main event for UFC 300.

“It will be the first sign,” Chael Sonnen teases Conor McGregor set for a torch pass at UFC 300 drawing parallel to Brock Lesnar and GSP

Chael Sonnen on Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler for UFC 300 ( Image via X / Imago )

Chael Sonnen has recently shared his predictions for the UFC 300 main event. Sonnen discussed possible scenarios for the headline fight. He also addressed speculation about a potential matchup between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler as the main event for UFC 300.

Chael Sonnen envisioned an alternate UFC 300 headline, deviating from the expected Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler matchup. He proposed Michael Chandler headlining without McGregor and suggested a unique scenario for the much-anticipated event. Sonnen said on his YouTube channel:

If they are the main event...that's a really big deal but if they're not the main event, it will be the first sign of the passing of a torch.

Sonnen himself had an illustrative career in the UFC. His UFC career with a record of 29 wins and 15 losses with 1 no-contest. Sonnen started his MMA journey in 1997 at 19 and rose to the heights of UFC history. In the UFC, he had 14 fights with a 7-7-0 record. Known for his charismatic personality, Sonnen made significant contributions to the sport.

The anticipated McGregor vs. Chandler bout has raised questions, with Sonnen expressing confusion about certain aspects of the matchup. He drew parallels to UFC 200 where Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones headlined the main event even though Brock Lesnar was the star contender. Despite this, Sonnen believed McGregor was open to facing Michael Chandler. This signaled a potential UFC return for the Irish fighter in 2023. However, it is almost certain that Conor McGregor will not show up in the octagon until 2024.

Chael Sonnen and Jorge Masvidal’s recent feud over Ariel Helwani

Chael Sonnen recently criticized Jorge Masvidal, labeling him as ‘two-faced’ due to recent insults. Masvidal responded, escalating the feud on social media. The exchange originated from Sonnen’s disagreement with Ariel Helwani, and Masvidal took sides, adding further insults.

Chael Sonnen Jorge Masvidal
Chael Sonnen and Jorge Masvidal’s feud ( Image via X/ Imago )

The conflict intensified as Masvidal threatened Sonnen, urging him to maintain the same energy. This public dispute unfolded on various platforms, including a podcast episode where Masvidal verbally clashed with Sonnen. They also went back and forth on X ( previously known as Twitter ) where Masvidal challenged Sonnen:

You juice head, I bet you won’t say this stuff in person.@ChaelSonnen just keep the same energy when you see me.

Jorge Masvidal officially retired from MMA after a loss to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287. Masvidal, 38 years old at the time, acknowledged that age had affected his performance inside the octagon, contributing to his decision to retire. Despite the retirement, Masvidal expressed openness to a potential comeback, stating he would “never rule out coming back” to the sport. Could we see Chael Sonnen and Jorge Masvidal go at it against one another? Only time will tell.

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