“Crying Like a child” Charles Oliveira details the heartbreaking ordeal of losing his belt at UFC 274, alleges Arizona played mind games with him

Charles Oliveira details his experience at UFC 274 after missing weight and beig strippoed from his championship

Charles Oliveria
Oliveria says the Arizona commission tried to screw him over
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Charles Oliveira has seen the highest highs and managed to keep pushing while at the lowest of lows. A genuine example of this was his performance against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274 after being stripped of his belt a day prior. In a new interview “Do Bronx” shared what happened in the 24 hours between the weight controversy and fight night. He also thinks the commission was trying to get their hometown fighter an advantage against him.

Oliveira missed weight by about 300 gms during the weigh-ins for his fight against Justin Gaethje. This was despite the fact that he had made weight a day prior and all that was left to do was get to the scales. However, he would allege that the hotel scales were tampered with and was the reason many fighters weighed in 0.5 lbs over their weight limit (Something acceptable in non-championship fights)

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Charles Oliveira had to assure his daughter he still had the belt

Charles Oliveria
Oliveira has said he aims for a money fight against Conor McGregor

In a new Portuguese interview, the former champ would detail his side of the story and the developments in the 24 hours after the fact. He openly alleged malpractice on the commission’s side saying, “Arizona’s commission robbed me, they tried to mess with my head, to get me down and sad”

It would be sometime later when the news of Charles being stripped reached his father who lives on a farm in Brazil. Oliveira described his father to be inconsolable saying he was, “crying like a child. “ After being assured by Charles that everything would be fine, his father asked him of the effect this would have on his son’s legacy.

This would leave Oliveira on the verge of heartbreak but he held back his tears, “I wanted to cry but I couldn’t” said the champ. Shortly after this his 5-year-old daughter would call the fighter asking, “Daddy did they take your belt? “ A heartbroken Oliveira would reply assuring his daughter that his belt was still back home and she could take a look at it,“Go to daddy’s house and see. t’s in the same place as always” after which his ex-wife would take their daughter to his home at night to show her the replica belt in his showcase.

While all of this affected everyone around Charles Oliveira, he chose to use it to light his fire instead. ” Imagine your ex wife has to take your daughter to your house so she can believe you. All this happening got me fired up. It got me motivated”, said the champ. To cheer up his teammates, he asked them to, “Turn that f**king music louder bro” promising to demolish Gaethje in their fight he said, “I’m gonna take his soul at the weigh ins”

Oliveira would go on to do everything he promised and then some as he went on to finish Gaethje in the very first round, triumphing in a striking match with the self-proclaimed “hardest hitter at 155” before finishing him via submission. Ironically Gaethje had previously referred to Oliveira as a quitter and that once you chose that path it isn’t easy to get off it.

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