“Supposed to emulate mount everest,” Colby Covington reveals BRUTAL gym environment for his outstanding cardio ahead of Leon Edwards title fight

Discover how Colby Covington's gym boosts his cardio, his connection with the Nelk Boys, and his determined pursuit of the welterweight championship at UFC 296.

“Supposed to emulate mount everest,” Colby Covington reveals BRUTAL gym environment for his outstanding cardio ahead of Leon Edwards title fight

Colby Covington trains with Nelk Boys ahead of Leon Edwards fight (Image via: IMAGO)

Colby Covington and the Nelk Boys recently trained at the gym where “Chaos” works out. Covington and YouTube sensations engaged in a grueling session of workouts. From the workouts, it was evident where Covington got his remarkable cardio. Along with Merab Dvalishvili, Covington is credited with having the best cardio in the UFC.

Before engaging in the workouts, Covington was asked about the gym to which “Chaos” provided a detailed reply. This was what Covington had to say about it on NELK 2 YouTube channel:

Yeah, just better facilities. They got like an uphill climb upstairs, and then they got an MMA room. They got the weight room down here, the cryotherapy chamber in there, like a sick-ass recovery room. It's supposed to emulate Mount Everest.

Covington and the Nelk Boys are cordial as they share the same support for former President of the USA, Donald Trump. In addition to Covington, the Nelk Boys also have connections with Kamaru Usman, Covington’s eternal rival. The Nelk Boys with their association with Dana White made connections with top names in the UFC. They notably went to Dagestan to train with Islam Makhachev and Team Khabib.

Covington would be looking to become the undisputed welterweight champion at UFC 296 against Leon Edwards. It would be his third attempt to bag the coveted title. Covington held the interim title but was unsuccessful against Kamaru Usman in two attempts.

Colby Covington calls Leon Edwards a birth before training with the Nelk Boys

Leon Edwards was once the forgettable face in the welterweight division. Bad luck began to follow him after Covid-19. However, he found his footing at UFC 278, delivering a Rocky moment victory over Kamaru Usman.


Now he will be defending his title at UFC 296 against Colby Covington, the backup fighter for UFC 286. Edwards was initially reluctant to give a title shot for Covington. However, the promotion was adamant and Edwards yielded.

Colby Covington
Colby Covington (Image via: X/Colby Covington)

With a month left for their clash, Covington was seen training with the Nelk Boys. Before the training, Covington sent a strong message to Leon Edwards. This was the message that Covington gave.

I’ll see you soon Leon Edwards. Undisputed now. I’m training with Kyle and Nelk Boys. You got no chance for the energy I’m going to bring to that Octagon. Undisputed. See you soon, Leon. B*tch.


Interestingly, Covington has already named his next opponent. He has dared lightweight champion Islam Makhachev to move up in weight to face him. Covington even claimed that Islam Makhachev is a weight bully and is even heavier than Covington himself.

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