Dana White accused by UFC legend for ‘taking food out of mouth’ in PPV share and Reebok deal

Former UFC champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson opens up about how Dana White's business decisions affected his earnings.

Dana White accused by UFC legend for ‘taking food out of mouth’ in PPV share and Reebok deal

Dana White (Image via: IMAGO)

Eric Nicksick was the guest in the recent JAXXON podcast episode. During the podcast, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson had an interesting thing to say about UFC CEO, Dana White. Jackson was the light heavyweight champion in the UFC after he defeated Chuck Liddell at UFC 71.

However, he lost some money due to Dana White who was the UFC President at the time. This is what he had to say about it.

I got nothing against Dana at the end of the day I got to respect Dana for being a businessman but Dana took a lot of food out of my mouth too with a couple things the Reebok deal with my pay-per-view deal after I fought Chuck.

Even though Jackson lost some money due to the UFC deal, he respects White as a businessman. Due to the UFC deal with Reebok at the time, Jackson was unable to get extra money from sponsorship deals. Moreover, he did not get a good PPV deal after he became the champion.

Rumors circulate of Jackson fighting Shannon Briggs in an exhibition boxing match in Riyadh. He was one of the combat sports legends present in Riyadh to watch Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou. Interestingly, Jackson was one of the very few who picked Ngannou to win the fight. Nevertheless, Ngannou lost the bout via split decision.

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MMA coach explains why Dana White was against Francis Ngannou boxing Tyson Fury

Eric Nicksick who is the head coach of Francis Ngannou was privy to the discussions Ngannou had with Dana White. This was before Ngannou left the UFC for PFL. Nicksick has been the head coach of Ngannou ever since Ngannou moved to Extreme Couture. Under Nicksick, Ngannou is undefeated in MMA.

Dana White and Francis Ngannou
Dana White and Francis Ngannou (via IMAGO)

This is what Nicksick said about his knowledge of what happened between Dana White and Ngannou in negotiations.

Dana had his points on why he didn't feel it would work because of Tyson Fury still being with WBO and you know all these belts and everything where it worked better for Floyd because he essentially was retired.

Dana White was in for Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. due to Mayweather being retired at the time. However, White did not want to involve sanctioning bodies in a crossover bout. Nevertheless, Ngannou did not accept White’s points and ultimately left the UFC. His move was at first criticized by the MMA community. However, he turned the tables around with the fight against Tyson Fury.


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