“Halloween from Mar A lago” – Donald Trump and UFC star Colby Covington stun internet with pictures from Halloween party

Colby Covington shares pictures of himself posing with former President Donald Trump at the mar-a-lago for Halloween.

“Halloween from Mar A lago” – Donald Trump and UFC star Colby Covington stun internet with pictures from Halloween party

Donald Trump and Colby Covington (Image via IMAGO)

Colby Covington shares pictures of himself posing with Donald Trump at the Mar-a-lago. The UFC welterweight contender, noted for his captivating demeanor, recently celebrated Halloween in a fairly flamboyant and prominent way. He was observed at the club owned by former President Donald Trump. The club is situated on the gorgeous Mar-a-Lago property and has come to represent the former president’s life after politics.

Covington dressed in a suit of armor to embrace a medieval theme for the Halloween celebrations. The unusual color scheme and insignia on his clothing bore a striking resemblance to the House Targaryen. They are a well-known aristocratic house in the well-known book and HBO series Game of Thrones.


The fighter took a picture alongside Trump, dressed in a suit as usual. Covington wrote, “Happy Halloween From Mar A Lago.”  Colby Covington is a huge supporter of Trump. The welterweight contender has frequently talked about his policies and has prompted others to vote for the ex-president. Trump, who is a fan of MMA, has also visited Covington’s fights in the past.

The ‘Chaos’ enjoys a unique treatment from fight fans, who often credit him for the character he plays to promote his fights. The former title contender is one of the biggest PPV stars and knows how to sell his fights and rivalries.

Colby Covington calls Donald Trump the ‘Greatest living American’ 

Colby Covington is one of the few UFC fighters who openly share their political ideologies. The fighter has always been a huge supporter of Donald Trump and also visited the White House under his presidency.

colby covington and donald trump
Colby Covington and Donald Trump (Image courtesy of Colby’s Twitter)

During his fight with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272, Covington anticipated a forthcoming conversation with Trump. He noticed that it promised to be a great exchange. He went on to bestow high praise upon the former president, referring to him as the “greatest living American” and the “greatest president in history.”

According to him, Trump’s contributions to the country were undeniable, and he urged those with differing opinions, especially liberals, to take a closer look at issues such as inflation and the state of the nation’s borders, arguing that the country was facing challenges without his leadership. The fighter claimed that Americans should bring back Trump as the new president in 2024, as he will make sure to create a better country for the American people.

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