“I’m bringing McGregor back, whatever it costs!” Eddie Hearn reacts to Dana White’s claim of Conor McGregor not fighting because he has ‘too much money’

Eddie Hearn believes Dana white has to bring back Conor McGregor at any cost.

“I’m bringing McGregor back, whatever it costs!” Eddie Hearn reacts to Dana White’s claim of Conor McGregor not fighting because he has ‘too much money’

Eddie Hearn gives his opinion on Dana White's statement about Conor McGregor's return (via Imago/X)

The MMA world has been waiting for the return of Conor McGregor for nearly three years. The man himself announced he would fight Michael Chandler on International Fight Week. But UFC CEO, Dana White discarded his claim. Recently, he blamed McGregor’s status as a hindering block for his comeback. Now, popular boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn gave his take on the matter.


In his recent appearance on the MMA Hour show, Eddie Hearn boldly claimed that if it was him in the position of Dana White, he would bring back Conor McGregor at any cost. He believed bringing in ‘The Notorious’ would only boost the sport of MMA and the promotion itself. As such, he laid out the unique qualities the Irish man possessed and detailed the value of bringing him back. Here is what he said:

If it was me...I'm bringing back McGregor back, whatever it costs. Because he injects an enthusiasm and a vibrancy into the UFC that no one else can. When he comes back, the press conferences, the buildup, the value of the business, the ratings, the PPV numbers (go up). 100% (worth it) - Legend, Great self promoter...He can do what nobody else can.
Eddie Hearn (via The MMA Hour Show)

Eddie Hearn further detailed the intricacies of dealing with rich athletes and compared Conor McGregor Anthony Joshua and Canelo Alvarez whom he personally managed. As such, having stars like this in a promotion, even for minimal monetary profit could only help the business grow. He believed it indirectly helped the business in many ways.

Conor McGregor last fought in 2021 against Dustin Poirier. He injured his leg in the bout, leading him to take a long lay-off. However, it’s been three years without an official fight announcement. According to UFC’s earlier indications, he is to fight Michael Chandler. Also, Chandler spent over a year on the sidelines chasing a fight with ‘The Notorious’. As such, he believed the fight would come to fruition sometime later this year.


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Eddie Hearn has the utmost respect for Dana White

Eddie Hearn and Dana White are two of the most prominent fight promoters and matchmakers in combat sports. Although they handle different sports, boxing, and MMA, they’ve known each other well. While there may be differences of opinion, they’ve been respectful about it. Now, Hearn detailed instances of how the UFC CEO treated him and tipped his hat off for what White has accomplished.

Dana White and Eddie Hearn
Dana White and Eddie Hearn (via The MAC Life)

On the MMA Hour Show, Eddie Hearn briefly spoke about Dana White’s ‘Power Slap’ and went on a tangent about Dana White. As such, the host Ariel Helwani noticed Hearn spoke highly of the UFC CEO. When asked about it, Hearn explained White was always courteous and respectful to him. Here is what he said:

He's been extremely courteous to me...When I went to UFC London, he sat me next to him by the cage... I respect the business and I respect what he has done as a face of the business of the sport. There's a method to my madness how I've done the same thing. 
Eddie Hearn (via The MMA Hour)

Further, he even mentioned instances of White inviting him to the UFC APEX, arranging a seat near the Octagon side for a UFC event, and much more. Even recently, Hearn met Dana White, who explained the business model of ‘Power Slap’. As such, despite being competitors, they shared respect for each other. While White was the face of the UFC as a CEO, Hearn was a chairman at Matchroom.


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