“They wanna be NFL, NBA…but don’t act like it!” – ‘King of Violence’ Mike Perry BLASTS Dana White and UFC for mistreating fighters

Former UFC welterweight, Mike Perry goes on a vicious rant about Dana White and the UFC's mistreatment of fighters.

“They wanna be NFL, NBA…but don’t act like it!” – ‘King of Violence’ Mike Perry BLASTS Dana White and UFC for mistreating fighters

Mike Perry goes on a nasty tirade against Dana White's dealings with athletes (via Imago)

Countless accusations of fighter mistreatment and low pay have been levied on the UFC. These accusations have come from fighters themselves as well as from the media. Mike Perry recently spoke up about this. The former UFC fighter slammed Dana White over the promotion’s unfair business practices. 


Perry aired grievances on his podcast after UFC 298. He took issue with White slamming Merab Dvalishvili for once refusing to fight a friend. Perry said the UFC inconsistently punishes fighters for the same. He also cited Belal Muhammad’s stalled title shot despite a winning streak. Perry believed that UFC plays favorites arbitrarily. This is what he said:

It’s funny because they make everybody look the same now and they wanna be f****** NFL, NBA of combat sports, but they don’t f****** act like it. They’re still f****** rude, disrespectful, rich a**holes, who don’t give a f*** about these fighters or anyone who puts their life on the line to do this s***.
Mike Perry via The OverDogs Podcast

Perry criticized White’s rude, dismissive attitude toward talent. He claimed the UFC CEO acts entitled thanks to having security. He said White abuses power without regard for fighters risking their lives. The bare-knuckle champion believed that the UFC pressures talent into dangerous situations for business.

Perry also talked about how fighter pay, opportunities, and treatment remain unfairly dictated to White’s whims. The rant provided rare candid insight into Perry’s rocky UFC run. He openly acknowledged a strained relationship with Dana White. Their issues highlighted broader fighter mistreatment within the promotion.


Dana White reacted to Mike Perry’s punching incident

Dana White recently commented on Mike Perry’s controversial restaurant altercation. A video recently surfaced of Perry punching an older man during a heated argument. White said he saw the incident coming due to the welterweight’s concerning behavior.

Dana White reacted to Mike Perry's punching incident
Dana White reacted to Mike Perry’s punching incident (via MMA Fighting)

When asked about the situation, White claimed he wasn’t shocked. He referenced disturbing interviews where Perry expressed disdain toward media and fans. White believed Perry meant his threats literally when warning people not to approach him. The erratic welterweight clearly stated not to greet him in public. Perry’s punching outburst proved he meant those words.

White attributed Perry’s downward spiral to failing to handle fame and social media pressures. He thought Perry lacked the temperament to brush off online criticisms. The UFC CEO said Perry’s inability to cope with newfound notoriety has fueled increased anger issues. He pointed to the welterweight’s hostile interactions indicating serious problems.

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