“Would never step within 5 ft of this guy” – Fans disgusted as banned coach James Krause narrates ‘diabolical’ Bryce Mitchell masturbation story

Featherweight fighter Bryce Mitchell has always been a controversial figure in the UFC. The recent story narrated by James Krause has fans reacting in absolute disgust.

“Would never step within 5 ft of this guy” – Fans disgusted as banned coach James Krause narrates ‘diabolical’ Bryce Mitchell masturbation story

James Krause narrates disgusting story about Bryce Mitchell (Image Sources - Daily Mail/MMA Weekly)

Bryce Mitchell is a rising star in the UFC. The fighter competes in the featherweight division and his popularity is increasing as time goes on. Nicknamed ‘Thug Nasty,’ his striking skills and endurance in the octagon have him earned the respect of his opponents in the ring. Hailing from Arkansas, Mitchell is also known for his Southern origins and upbringing. ‘Thug’ has fought and emerged victorious against tough contenders like Edson Barboza and Charles Rosa.

Mitchell has always been a polarizing figure among MMA fans. The fighter’s out-of-the-norm advocation for harmful conspiracy theories is the main reason. ‘Thug Nasty’ has touched on sensitive topics and converted them into a conspiratorial angle. However, fans are absolutely repulsed by a story narrated by a friend and fellow UFC contender James Krause.


Bryce [Bryce Mitchell] gets a call from his girlfriend, goes into my bedroom. I don’t know why he picked my bedroom. And, he’s in there for probably an hour. I go in there, he’s asleep in my bed. We’re headed to the venue at this point. There was a pair of my socks on the floor. He, [Bryce Mitchell] also borrowed a pair of my socks and he had them on. This dude [Bryce Mitchell] c*** on my floor. J***** all over my floor, used my socks that were on his feet to rub in the floor. And then, went to sleep in my bed,” said James Krause.

He [Bryce Mitchell] didn’t see a problem with that at all,” said Krause. He added, “This is Bryce Mitchell in a nutshell. I can’t make this up.” Fans felt disgusted by this. They took to Twitter to express their repulsion at ‘Thug Nasty.’

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Fans revolt at Bryce Mitchell following James Krause’s story about him

Fans are disgusted at Bryce Mitchell (Image Source - MMA Junkie)
Fans are disgusted at Bryce Mitchell (Image Source – MMA Junkie)

James Krause is a retired MMA fighter who was a contender in the UFC. The fighter competed in the welterweight and had a successful run in the division. He is also known to be friends with featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell. The two fighters can be witnessed being cordial with each other.

The fighter narrated an incident that occurred between him and Mitchell. The story met a lot of disgusted reactions on Twitter from fans. One fan went on to tweet, “I would never step within 5ft of this guy [Bryce Mitchell].” Anyway ‘Thug Nasty’ did not have the best reputation among fans due to his controversial opinions on other sensitive topics.

Bryce Mitchell was recently witnessed with strange blotches on his body ahead of UFC 288. The fighter was set to take on Movsar Evloev. However, the fighter was pulled out of the event due to injuries. This was an unexpected turn of events for fans. They have been expressing their disappointment on Twitter.


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