Following controversial anti-LGBTQ rant, UFC star Manel Kape goes VIRAL again for embracing Islam

After Gervonta Davis, Manel Kape rocks the MMA world with a sudden reported conversion to Islam.

Following controversial anti-LGBTQ rant, UFC star Manel Kape goes VIRAL again for embracing Islam

Manel Kape in Ali Abdelaziz's IG story (Source: Twitter)

After weighing in over the non-title flyweight limit, Manel Kape saw his exit from his UFC Vegas 84 bout. In a rematch of their 2021 fight, he was due to duke it out against Matheus Nicolau. The dismissal from 2024’s first PPV event shocked fans. Hours later, Kape took to social media to open up about the situation, explaining why he weighed 129.5 lbs, 3.5 lbs above the weight limit.

Kape also claimed that Nicolau refused to fight, even after an offer of a cut of his fight purse. Now, the fighter has gone viral for a whole other reason. Newly surfaced footage shows him with Ali Abdelaziz, in the latter’s IG stories. The caption proclaims that Kape has converted to Islam.

Concurrently, this isn’t the first time Manel Kape has gone viral for reasons other than his actual bout. He emerged victorious against his opponent Felip dos Santos at UFC 293. But it was not his performance that was the talk of the town, but his post-fight presser. Kape was the consecutive fighter on the PPV card to drop an anti-gay slur in his callout to rival flyweight Kai Kara France.

Other than that, he also beefed with Israel Adesanya at the press conference, with sly jibes at his title loss. Now, the combat sports bubble has been piqued by this latest development of his with Ali Abdelaziz; not all for the good though. The MMA community has accordingly voiced their responses to it.

Fans react to Manel Kape’s conversion to Islam

Manel Kape recently took to internet by storm. In a change of pace though, it was not due to some callout or vigorous slur. Born in the Angolan capital of Luanda, the 30-year-old flyweight’s roots are in Africa. In addition, Manel Kape is also of Portuguese descent.

Fans react to Manel Kape's news of conversion
Fans react to Manel Kape’s news of conversion (Source: Twitter)

Kape has reportedly converted to Islamism. The fighter has taken on the name of ‘Musa Masha’Allah‘. And here’s how fight fans have reacted to the matter –

Few fans have gibed at the evergrowing Islamic squad being a ‘new trend’; an inference to boxer Gervonta Davis (formally Abdul Wahid now) who surprised with his sudden conversion to Islam. This too, came in light of him accepting ‘The Shahada’ (faith) in a surfaced video.

Alongside, a few fans have gibed at Kape for not making weight or with Ramadan helping the cause, in no shortage of words.

Quite a few fans have welcomed his surprising conversion into the faith of Islamism with open arms. Furthermore, a few even declared themselves huge fans of the flyweight.

Others have sneered at Ali Abdelaziz of Dominant MMA Management, who regulates a lot of Islamic fighters from the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA). Hence, he earned the gag of overseeing such conversions as his side job.

The subsequent hate comes from his habitual takeover of his fighter’s Twitter accounts. Very recently he went viral for accidentally confirming to run his fighter Islam Makhachev’s X account.

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