“You piece of s**t” – Kai Kara-France pulling out from UFC 293 card triggers rival Manel Kape to call out hypocrisy

Manel Kape issues fiery response to Kai Kara-France's withdrawal from UFC 293 after the latter announced it on social media.

“You piece of s**t” – Kai Kara-France pulling out from UFC 293 card triggers rival Manel Kape to call out hypocrisy

Manel Kape lashes out on Kai-Kara France (Image source - L/R- Instagram)

Kai Kara-France and Manel Kape were set to battle against each other at UFC 293. However, Kai-Kara has withdrawn from the fight due to an injury. As a result, this has caused Kape some frustration, which he took out on social media.


Kai Kara-France is a promising contender in the flyweight division. UFC 293 is scheduled to take place in Sydney, Australia. However, his withdrawal has caused a significant setback for Manel Kape. The incident has left fans in confusion and anticipation as to the fate of the flyweight matchup.

Manel Kape is no stranger to the disappointment of fight cancellations. He now finds himself grappling with frustration once again. Over the course of the past year and a half, he has weathered multiple adversaries backing out of scheduled fights. None of these bouts have come to fruition, and Kape’s sense of exasperation is entirely understandable.

Manel Kape took to Twitter to voice his vexation in a fiery response to Kara-France’s withdrawal. His words were unambiguous, as he labeled Kara-France a “coward” for withdrawing after challenging him on Instagram. “Kai Kara-France you piece of s—… you f—ing coward,” he wrote.


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Manel Kape and Kai-Kara France speak on their fight cancellation

Manel Kape Kai Kara-France
Kai Kara-France withdrew from UFC 293 matchup against Manel Kape ( Image source: Instagram )

Kape’s tweets resound with his determination to transcend these disruptions. “I’m collecting bodies without even having to thrust the sword into their hearts,” he declared. His words underscore his steadfast resolve to demonstrate his prowess in the octagon.

Meanwhile, Kai Kara-France conveyed his regrets over the situation. In a heartfelt message to his fans, he confirmed his withdrawal. Kara stated a concussion sustained during training was the reason for his withdrawal. He acknowledged the disappointment of those who had invested in tickets, flights, and accommodations.

He also expressed his personal frustration at missing the opportunity to compete live at UFC 293. Mixed emotions certainly swirled, particularly in light of the recent birth of his second child. Despite these setbacks and the whirlwind of emotions, Kara-France made the courageous decision to prioritize his health and his family.


He pledged to return with increased resilience and determination. UFC 293 may have lost one of its marquee matchups. However, it is set for other exciting matchups in the rest of its divisions, with Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland headlining its main event.

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