WATCH: NBA star Shaquille O’Neal helps Kai Kara-France bounce back from controversial UFC defeat

DJ Diesel is one of Shaquille O'Neal's many monikers that he uses in the music industry as a producer and live DJ

WATCH: NBA star Shaquille O’Neal helps Kai Kara-France bounce back from controversial UFC defeat

Kai Kara-France partying with Shaquille O'Neal ( image via : CBS Sports/Instagram/USA Today)

UFC Flyweight fighter Kai-Kara France found himself on the receiving end of a controversial loss during UFC Vegas 74. The New Zealand-based fighter lost via a split decision to the Iraqi martial artist Amir Albazi. Despite the controversial decision, Kai does not seem to be dwelling on the loss. He attended an after-party event with NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal DJ’ing for the party.

Shaquille O’Neal is considered one of the most dominant players to grace the NBA. However, the 4 time NBA champion is a man of many skills and pursued his interests outside the court as well. He owns multiple businesses, fast food restaurants, makes cameo appearances in movies and works as a DJ. DJ Diesel is one of the many monikers owned by Shaq O’Neal which he uses to display his skill as a music producer and DJ. He was also recently featured in Flyweight fighter Kai Kara- France’s Instagram story.

Despite the controversial loss, Kara- France was seen partying with Shaquille O’Neal. The UFC fighter was bopping heads to O’Neal’s tunes and taking the edge off the controversial decision. He shared the incident on his Instagram story which quickly went viral and won the hearts of his fans. While the Kiwi did not manage to get the win due to failure on the judge’s part, he surely deserved a night of celebration.

Kai Kara-France was already coming off a loss to Brendan Moreno. The recent controversial loss against Albazi will be a huge setback for the fighter. Regardless, Kai won’t dwell too much on the decision and will go back to the drawing board to work on his game.

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Kai Kara-France is not dwelling on his controversial loss to Amir Albazi

Kai Kara-France is not dwelling to much on the loss
Kai Kara-France with Amir Albazi after his controversial loss ( image via : MMA Fighting)

The combat sports world saw yet another case of bad judging during UFC on ESPN: Kai Kara-France vs Amir Albazi. Despite the close nature of the fight, Kara-France outworked his opponent through the five-round fight. While Amir Albazi had some great takedown attempts throughout the bout he only managed to land one solid takedown on Kai. Whereas, France left no doubt in the 4th and 5th rounds as he outclassed Albazi.

Fight fans and professional MMA fighters were in denial of the decision. They thought Kai Kara France had won at least three of the five rounds. UFC middleweight champion and Kara- France’s teammate Israel Adesanya, also expressed his anger on Twitter and asked for holding the judges accountable. Despite the unfair decision Kai Kara-France did not want to dwell on it too much. ” I was confident when they were calling the announcement, but hats off to Amir, I’m not gonna be the one to dwell on it. Congrats to him for bringing the fight to me and putting on a show,” said Kara France.

Kai Kara-France is on a two-fight losing streak and will go back to the drawing board to improve his game. Meanwhile, Amir Albazi is on a five-fight win streak in the UFC and has made his decision to fight for the flyweight title next.

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