“People want to be gangster…” UFC legend Georges St-Pierre looks back on bouncer job at hip-hop club

Georges St-Pierre talks about his experience of being a bouncer at a hip-hop club.

“People want to be gangster…” UFC legend Georges St-Pierre looks back on bouncer job at hip-hop club

Georges St-Pierre never liked to fight (Image via Imago)

Georges St-Pierre is one of the most successful MMA fighters in UFC history. However, this dangerous fighter had a tough time controlling people at nightclubs as a bouncer. GSP gave details about his early days before entering the fight world. Here is what happened:


Georges St-Pierre recently sat down with Kamaru Usman and Henry Cejudo on the Pound 4 Pound podcast. There, he talked about his job as a bouncer at a hip-hop club. GSP stated he did not like the job at all. This is what St-Pierre said:

Man, it was the worst job I ever did. I did not like it. I even hated it even more than fighting. Because it was very stressful, I was bouncing in a hip-hop club. I was bouncing at two places, one in a place it was hip-hop DJ. I love hip-hop, I love it. But hip-hop attract, I don't know if it's still the case, it attract a lot of people that want to be gangster and gang member. It was a bad crowd you know.
Georges St-Pierre via Pound 4 Pound podcast

Georges St-Pierre narrated how the entire job was pretty stressful every night, especially for someone of his stature. St-Pierre explained that more than skills, a bouncer had to look tough and intimidating for others to respect.

But GSP was not a big, intimidating man like his co-workers. So apparently, when he had to confront someone acting out of line, they laughed at him. Thus regardless of him being the most skilled and dangerous man in the room, the Canadian legend still had a tough time escorting trouble out and being a bouncer at a hip-hop club.


Shortly after, GSP made his UFC debut at UFC 46. He defeated Judo expert Karo Parisyan via unanimous decision. This marked his entry into the world of mixed martial arts at the highest level. St-Pierre continued to build his career, achieving significant milestones, and never looked back at his days as a bouncer.

When Georges St-Pierre backed up a convicted drug trafficker

Georges St-Pierre wrote a letter back in 2014 in support of ‘King of Pot’ Jimmy Cournoyer. This was when Cournoyer awaited trial in New York for trafficking marijuana. St-Pierre’s letter highlighted the positive aspects of Cournoyer as a person despite his criminal background.

Georges St-Pierre
Georges St-Pierre (Image Courtesy – MMA News)

He told the Montreal Gazette that the duo had a good relationship. Moreover, he stated Cournoyer became like a brother to him. They reportedly traveled together, trained together, went to restaurants and clubs, and had a lot of fun.

However, Cournoyer had some serious charges pinned against him. He pled guilty to a charge from back in 1998 for trafficking over 100,000 kilograms of marijuana and 83 kilograms of cocaine, money laundering. Furthermore, he admitted to having ties with mafia boss Vito Rizzuto.


However, Georges St-Pierre never judged him and said that what he did with his life was none of his business. He simply shared a good relationship and similar passions with him. However, later that year, Georges St-Pierre publicly apologized for his letter.

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