Despite black marks in career record, Georges St-Pierre puts Jon Jones on top of all-time great list

Georges St-Pierre gives his take on the GOAT conversation and the place of Jon Jones in it.

Despite black marks in career record, Georges St-Pierre puts Jon Jones on top of all-time great list

Georges St-Pierre talks about Jon Jones toughness and talent (image via Imago)

Georges St-Pierre is one of the biggest and most established fighters in the history of UFC. He is often regarded as the greatest of all time by many fighters. However, when asked about his GOATs, the fighter had some interesting input that included the name of Jon Jones.


GSP recently sat down with Henry Cejudo and Kamaru Usman on the Pound 4 Pound podcast. The duo discussed many things with GSP, including the GOAT conversation. While talking about the best fighters, GSP mentioned Jon Jones. This is what he said:

Jon Jones is extremely talented. He's also extremely tough…he's so freaking tough. Most of the time, when you have a guy who is very talented, it doesn't come with toughness. Jon Jones is the full package…Elite striker, elite grappler. He's good everywhere.
Georges St-Pierre via Pound 4 Pound podcast

GSP stressed Jones’s incredible toughness and talent, which helped him achieve almost everything. According to the Canadian, Jones is an all-rounder with no weaknesses. Most people, fighters, and analysts have Jon Jones as the GOAT. He became the youngest UFC champion and ruled the division for a decade. Then, he moved to the heavyweight division and became the champion as well. Hence, one could not deny Jones his place in the GOAT conversation.

The legendary fighter did talk about Jones’ antics outside the octagon which had tinted his reputation. However, in terms of what he has done in his career, any other fighter would find it hard to replicate that level of success. Jones tested positive for PEDs twice and had several run-ins with the law. Despite all, the fighter never faced any downfall inside the octagon. 


Jon Jones labels Georges St-Pierre as one of the best MMA minds in history

During his prime, Georges St-Pierre was a different beast. The fighter had great striking and grappling skills and used his intelligence to outclass his opponents. Many fighters idolize GSP for his accomplishments.

Jon Jones believe Georges St-Pierre has one of the best MMA minds
Jon Jones believes Georges St-Pierre has one of the best MMA minds (image via MMA Fighting)

Something similar was mentioned by the current heavyweight champion, Jon Jones. He commented on one of GSP’s Instagram posts. In the post, GSP gave a demonstration about the ‘Art of War’ and this is what Jones commented:

One of the best MMA minds in the history of the game
Jon Jones via Instagram comments

Jones himself has a great fighting IQ and has adapted well according to his opponents in the middle of the game. Similarly, GSP used his skills efficiently and fought with his mind during most of his fights. His fighting style and humility helped him gather immense popularity and respect all around the world. Looking at the mutual respect between two of the UFC greats might give goosebumps to the MMA community.

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