“Precise with no power” Henry Cejudo and Demetrious Johnson have a hearty laugh while watching the iconic UFC 276 backstage moment with Sean O’Malley

“Precise with no power” Henry Cejudo and Demetrious Johnson have  a hearty laugh while watching the iconic UFC 276 backstage moment with Sean O’Malley

DJ and Cejudo train together now

A few things in life can bring as much joy as Henry Cejudo and Demetrious Johnson training together after all these years. What can top that off is the two chuckling their hearts out while watching Sean O’Malley’s backstage spat with Cejudo graced by camera work that makes us suspect if Greg Daniels produced the event.

Cejudo and DJ have shared an intense rivalry for bragging rights at flyweight and while the score is settled at 1 each, the two seem to have no ill will towards the other. Hence it is a gift to the sport itself that two of the most technical fighters ever are sharpening their skills together.

DJ is most likely the latest student under the wing of coach Cejudo who has already worked with champions like Jiri Prochazka, Jon Jones Weili and Figueredo. It makes sense as DJ is set to rematch Adriano Moraes for the flyweight title at ONE 161. In his previous fight DJ was TKO’ed by Moraes via grounded knees and hence wants to correct that blemish on his record. Cejudo who had been the shorter fighter all his life can indeed help DJ in dealing with a threat like Moraes.

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Henry Cejudo and Demetrious Johnson analyze Sean O’Malley’s style

Demetrious Johnson x Henry Cejudo
DJ and Cejudo have previously competed twice for the flyweight belt

However, the duo is not always just engaged in serious training sessions as they find light-hearted moments in between training sessions. One such came along when Cejudo intently showed DJ the clip of his argument with Sean O’Malley backstage at UFC 276. Filmed in a way that resembles a scene from The Office, the clip gained instant virality where Cejudo can be seen addressing Sean as a “Little princess for a tune up fight”

While in the gym DJ and Cejudo laughed at the clip-on Henry’s iPhone, while particularly focusing on the quick zoom in to Deiveson’s face. DJ said, “The best part is when the camera cuts to Figueiredo and he’s like what the fu*k? “ prompting Cejudo to hit rewind on the clip. “I was in bed going through my phone and I see that, and I’m like damn Henry’s acting a fool just letting everybody have it, “ DJ said jokingly as Cejudo replied, “I have the Danny Devito syndrome dude”

After this the two would go on to emulate Suga Sean’s style of fighting with DJ saying, “He’s gonna try to move and be long” as he moves outside the range of Cejudo. At this Cejudo would make a remarkable statement saying, “He’s precise but he’s got no power, defense is everything against a guy like Sean”

The Two Flyweight GOATS seems to be in the full swing of things as DJ gets ready for his rematch against Moraes while Cejudo remains on the hunt for a worthy opponent to make a return against.

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