“Judges haven’t been through a training camp”- Holly Holm slams judges for toying with fighter’s careers with their ignorance

Holly Holm is devastated by judges' decision to score the main event of UFC Vegas 55 in her Ketlen Vieira's favor.

Holly Holm at UFC Vegas 55
Holly Holm at UFC Vegas 55

Holly Holm reacts to her loss at UFC Vegas 55! The UFC has a problem with their judges. Long-time fans are well aware of this issue and some have even called for open scoring in MMA so that the fighters are aware of the urgency they need to take or the risks they need to avoid as the fight goes on.

At UFC Vegas 55 this was on full display as three of the main-card fights were razor close to the eye but that surely couldn’t be trusted in the hands of the judges. Eryk Ander’s defeat and the 30-27 card for Michel Pereira were two of the questionable calls from the judges tonight.

However, none of it could however top the insanity of the main event where, despite the lack of constant action Holly Holm seemed to be winning off her clinches, and pressure. Another person who concurred with that opinion was Ketlen Vieira’s coach, who at the end of round 3 asked his fighter to go in for the finish as she was down by three rounds, even berating her asking, “Are you here for tourism?”

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“I truly felt in my heart that I won the fight”- Holly Holm believes she did enough to get the victory at UFC Vegas 55

Holly Holm
Holly Holm

Holly Holm reacted to her loss during the post-fight press conference, and she was very disappointed by the decision, she said, “It’s just frustrating because I think a lot of times these judges haven’t been through a training camp and see what you put on the line, and then when it comes short, just because they decide, ‘Well maybe I’ll throw this round here or this round there.’ I don’t agree with them. I’m pretty upset with them.”

She added, “I know it’s a hard position to be in, to be the judge, you have to make that decision right there, but I felt like I won. I felt like she had round two but at the end of the fight, I truly felt in my heart that I won the fight. So I’m disappointed. I really don’t give her three rounds. You would have to give her three rounds to win the fight. But I always want perfection on my side so I want to make it so clear that there’s not even a question but I really felt like I won the fight.”

“I wanted to be more damaging there. Yeah, there was the punches and I could hold her there, and she’s usually really good with her trips off the cage and stuff like that. She got me off of my feet a couple times, but that’s her game, and I was able to shut it down. But I still wanted to be more damaging in those areas,” Holm concluded.

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