“That was so silly!” Joe Rogan and friend annoyed by ‘Bruce Lee could beat Muhammad Ali’ claims

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz talk about the impact of Bruce Lee and age-old debate of Bruce Lee vs. Muhammad Ali.

“That was so silly!” Joe Rogan and friend annoyed by ‘Bruce Lee could beat Muhammad Ali’ claims

Joe Rogan on Bruce Lee vs. Muhammad Ali (Image via Imago/X)

The hypothetical fight between Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali has been the subject of debate for many. However, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and guest Joey Diaz had no doubt that the legendary boxer could take on and beat one of the most popular martial artists in history.


Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz were talking about the fight scenes of the early days and how bad they were. The discussion eventually transitioned to Bruce Lee and his impact on media, culture, and martial arts in general. This is when Joey Diaz brought up the age-old debate of whether Bruce Lee could beat Muhammad Ali and how ridiculous it was. Joe Rogan agreed saying:

That was so silly!
Joe Rogan on JRE

Bruce Lee had openly admitted that he believed Muhammad Ali would defeat him in a fight. Lee acknowledged that Ali would “kill” him in a real confrontation, recognizing the boxing legend’s superior skills and physical power. Despite Lee’s martial arts proficiency, he agreed that Ali’s expertise in boxing and his status as a heavyweight champion would make him the likely victor in a real confrontation.

Bruce Lee was a legendary Hong Kong-American martial artist and actor, known for founding Jeet Kune Do. Born in 1940, he gained fame for his martial arts skills and charismatic on-screen presence. Bruce Lee’s legacy extends to Hollywood, where he broke barriers for Asian actors. He gained international popularity with films like “Enter the Dragon” and “Fist of Fury.” Notably, Lee’s contribution to martial arts and his impact on popular culture remain significant.


Joe Rogan and Dwayne Johnson discuss Bruce Lee

Joe Rogan and Dwayne Johnson recently discussed Bruce Lee‘s profound impact on martial arts. Johnson and Rogan acknowledged Lee’s role in formulating the system that led to the growth of MMA. The discussion emphasized Lee’s lasting contribution to the martial arts world and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan talks about Bruce Lee ( Image via Imago )

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson acknowledged Lee as the first global martial arts icon. He credited him with popularizing the discipline when it was considered dangerous. Dwayne said:

I feel like he was groundbreaking in a way, right? When he came over here, there was something about what he was teaching. Was it Jeet Kune Do, right? So, he was the first, or he was taking a version of it.
Dwayne Johnson on JRE

The UFC commentator highlighted Lee’s role in formulating a billion-dollar industry and emphasized Bruce Lee’s pioneering influence in MMA. Joe Rogan has previously credited Bruce Lee as the original reason for his interest in martial arts, emphasizing Lee’s profound impact on his life. Rogan, a notable figure in mixed martial arts himself, expressed that Bruce Lee influenced not only him but an entire culture with his martial arts prowess.

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