“There is no gravity…” Joe Rogan and Jorge Masvidal hilariously pitch ‘science experiment’ to make Jon Jones and Demetrious Johnson fight

Joe Rogan and Jorge Masvidal spoke on Demetrious Johnson vs. Jon Jones dream fight. Johnson and Jones are two of the greatest fighters in history.

“There is no gravity…” Joe Rogan and Jorge Masvidal hilariously pitch ‘science experiment’ to make Jon Jones and Demetrious Johnson fight

Jon Jones and Demetrious Johnson are two of the greatest MMA fighters (via Imago)

UFC commentator Joe Rogan hosts the popular Joe Rogan Experience, where he has hosted a wide array of guests. That list includes recently retired former BMF champion Jorge Masvidal. Both MMA fanatics talked about the dream fight between Demetrious Johnson (Mighty Mouse) and Jon Jones.

“I wish they’d do a science experiment… make Mighty Mouse 205(lbs) to make that fight happen, or shrink Jon Jones…, ” Jorge Masvidal began. Joe Rogan burst out laughing. He added that no 205-pound fighter can move like the way Demetrious Johnson moves. “Because the thing about him is… there’s no gravity f*cking with him, ” Rogan stated. He highlighted Mighty Mouse’s speed and agility in the 125 lbs weight class. Jorge Masvidal joined in on the praise. He said that Johnson was not just an explosive athlete but a master executioner of techniques. ” Same thing with Jon Jones you know, he’s got great technique and everything,” Jorge said.

Demetrious Johnson is known for his successful mixed martial arts (MMA) career and has achieved significant accomplishments. Johnson currently competes in ONE Championship as the ONE flyweight champion. He is also a former UFC flyweight champion. Demetrious Johnson’s impressive record stands at 25 wins, four losses, and one draw. Meanwhile, Jon Jones currently holds the title of UFC heavyweight champion. He is often regarded as one of the greatest fighters in MMA history. Jon Jones has an impressive MMA record, with 27 wins, one loss, and one no-contest.

A showdown between these two incredible fighters would have been a dream fight. However, Johnson left the UFC primarily due to a combination of factors, including disputes over fighter pay and the opportunity to pursue new challenges in his career.

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Bradley Martyn and Demetrious Johnson’s upcoming grappling showdown

Bradley Martyn Demetrious Johnson
Demetrious Johnson speaks on fighting Bradley Martyn ( Image source: L- Instagram R- Twitter )

Demetrious Johnson recently considered taking on social media influencer Bradley Martyn in a fight. Bradley Martyn recently gained widespread attention for openly doubting the possibility of losing to a 125-pound MMA fighter like Johnson in a street fight. This incident quickly set the internet ablaze, sparking intense discussions about the potential for a real showdown between the two.

Demetrious Johnson responded to this unusual situation with a hearty chuckle. Initially, he had not even considered pursuing such an endeavor. However, the viral nature of the incident piqued his interest and led him to reconsider. Elaborating on the series of events, Johnson revealed that he had no prior knowledge of Bradley Martyn until Brendan Schaub conducted that interview with him. Martyn’s challenge revolved around a street fight scenario where virtually any tactics could be employed.

Johnson expressed that he would not mind grappling with Bradley Martyn. Demetrious Johnson recently secured the top position at the IBJJF tournament. That too in his first-ever BJJ competitive tournament. Fans anticipate this exciting matchup to see if Bradley Martyn can truly stand his ground against a trained specimen like Demetrious Johnson.

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