Joe Rogan blasts ‘knuckleheads’ ESPN for firing former boss John Skipper over cocaine problem

Joe Rogan blasts ‘knuckleheads’ ESPN for firing former boss John Skipper over cocaine problem

Joe Rogan learns about John Skipper's firing from ESPN (Image Courtesy - Entertainment Weekly/Barrett Sports Media)

If not for Dave Portnoy, UFC commentator Joe Rogan might have never come across the name John Skipper. Despite learning about the former ESPN head only moments ago, the podcaster immediately jumped to play advocate over his firing.


The recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast was an absolute entertainer for listeners. The UFC commentator hosted Barstool Sports founder, Dave Portnoy and had several interesting conversations. One of them was about Portnoy’s “rivals”. The Barstool Sports founder said he celebrated the firing of ESPN’s former head John Skipper.

When Rogan learned the reason behind Skipper’s firing, he was beyond puzzled. “He had to leave ESPN because of a coke dealer? That’s so f***ing stupid, the guy was doing coke,” said the podcast host. Joe Rogan finds it embarrassing that ESPN and Disney are unforgiving when it comes to personal vices.

“I think in that world, you can’t even admit you did coke,” said Rogan talking to Portnoy. John Skipper, six years ago, abruptly left the sports broadcast company. It was later found out that the former ESPN boss was forced to leave the company. A cocaine dealer threatened to expose Skipper’s substance abuse.


In order to save his legacy, Skipper decided to resign from ESPN. “27 years at Disney, washed down the toilet for a little coke,” Rogan exasperated. “I would assume he was doing good work. F***ing knuckleheads” added the UFC commentator.

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Joe Rogan Deiveson Figueiredo
Joe Rogan during an ESPN broadcast

ESPN is the official streaming/broadcast partner for UFC events. It is not often that we see Stephen A Smith, a big shot in the ESPN crew, around UFC events. However, for the big return of The Notorious Conor McGregor, SAS teamed up with commentary veteran Joe Rogan.

When the entire crew was celebrating McGregor’s first-round victory, Smith took that moment to undermine Cerrone’s performance. Rogan was furious that Stephen A Smith would consider putting down a legend like Cerrone for getting outclassed by someone as elite as McGregor at UFC 246.


Rogan took to his podcast to express his dissent towards Smith’s comments. This was responded to by the ESPN host with a lengthy Twitter video justifying his comments.

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