“Not Jon Jones, Not Khabib,” Joe Rogan calls Demetrious Johnson ‘purest expression of mixed martial arts’ after submitting 250-pound man

Joe Rogan gets awestruck after watching Demetrious Johnson submitting a heavyweight and continues to praise the former UFC fighter.

“Not Jon Jones, Not Khabib,” Joe Rogan calls Demetrious Johnson ‘purest expression of mixed martial arts’ after submitting 250-pound man

Joe Rogan praises Demetrius Johnson and puts him at the top of his list(via Imago)

Joe Rogan could not stop praising Demetrious Johnson while talking to comedian Joey Diaz. The pair recently had a conversation on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where they talked about several fighters and other UFC events.


During the podcast, Diaz mentioned Demetrious Johnson’s recent viral video where he was seen participating in a local Jiu-Jitsu competition. The former UFC champion fought a 250-pound opponent and ended up skillfully submitting him. Rogan and Diaz couldn’t believe what they had just seen and were amazed by Mighty Mouse’s ability.

How crazy is that? Mighty Mouse took on a guy who was 250 pounds in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament and he tapped him. He's probably the best ever, in terms of just pure martial arts technique. I think the best expression of MMA I have ever seen is Mighty Mouse
Joe Rogan via Joe Rogan Experience

Rogan puts Demetrious Johnson above greats like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jon Jones when it comes to pure MMA skills. Joe Rogan is an old fan of DJ and has always spoken highly about him in his podcasts. Rogan has also discussed how Johnson, despite all his talent, didn’t reach the popularity level of his contemporaries. 

Demetrious Johnson was unstoppable in his prime and ruled the UFC Flyweight division for years. After leaving the UFC, the veteran continued his dominance in the One Championship. He managed to win the ONE Flyweight Championship and also has a successful title defense.


Demetrius Johnson on rumors about Joe Rogan’s involvement in his UFC exit

Demetrius Johnson’s departure from UFC to One Championship in a trade agreement involving Ben Askren is infamous. It raised a lot of questions among fans who loved watching DJ in the promotion.

Demetrius Johnson doesn't blame Joe Rogan but Dana White for his UFC exit
Demetrius Johnson doesn’t blame Joe Rogan but Dana White for his UFC exit(via The Hill/MMA Fighting)

Although Demetrious Johnson is aware that there were several factors at play when he was traded to ONE Championship, the fighter doesn’t think Joe Rogan is one of them. During an interview on JAXXON Podcast, DJ revealed his conversation with Rogan about the particular matter.

See, I talked to Joe Rogan and Joe Rogan said, ‘Naw, I had nothing to do with it, Even though Joe Rogan’s one of my biggest fans and he believes in my skill set, I think at the time that it was Dana White… promoting me, I felt like he did a good job. He was like, ‘This guy’s amazing.’ And there were some videos of him s****** on me. 
Demetrious Johnson via JAXXON Podcast

White’s relationship with Johnson wasn’t that smooth. Irrespective of the mutual respect they had for each other, there were times they both clashed. According to many fans, this back-and-forth between both individuals was a major reason why the trade with Askren took place in 2018.

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