“Sanctioned cheating” – Joe Rogan ridicules BULLSH*T weight regulations by pointing out Alex Pereira’s example

“Sanctioned cheating” – Joe Rogan ridicules BULLSH*T weight regulations by pointing out Alex Pereira’s example

Joe Rogan and Alex Pereira - Image Courtesy UFC

Alex Pereira is one of the largest middleweights we’ve ever seen in the UFC. Alex uses the power his size lends him better than anyone else to put his opponents’ lights out. UFC on-screen personality, Joe Rogan spoke about this on an episode of his podcast and criticized the fact that some fighters cut a lot of weight to fight in a smaller weight class.


In an episode of the JRE, Joe Rogan discussed the issue of weight cuts with his guest, Steve-O. Rogan brought up Pereira’s example as he said, “He has a hard time making 185. It’s a bullsh*t thing. It’s basically sanctioned cheating. It really is. But everybody does it.” Rogan has also criticized the practice of weight-cutting before. However, Rogan is not wrong on this one.

Very few fighters in the UFC fight at or close to their natural weight, one of them being Alex Pereira’s opponent from UFC 281, Israel Adesanya. Pereira on the other hand cuts a massive amount of weight to not miss weight for his fights at middleweight. In fact, just a few hours after the UFC 281 weigh-ins, Pereira weighed 211 pounds.

The practice of weight-cutting has been a very divisive issue within the MMA community, with many sharing the same opinion as Rogan. However, many still support the athlete’s right to choose and there seems to be no end to this practice as fighters continue to cut massive amounts of weight. It looks like Adesanya may have to be wary of Pereira’s power a little more if they rematch.


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Joe Rogan was blown away by Alex Pereira’s punching power

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan spoke about Alex Pereira’s disproportionate punching power on an episode of his podcast

Despite criticizing the practice of weight cutting and using Pereira as an example, Rogan praises Pereira. Joe about Pereira a little time after his first fight in the UFC on his podcast. He shared how Poatan’s punching power left him awestruck.

“This guy has this freakish, disproportionate power where it doesn’t make any sense. You look at him and you wonder ‘What are you made out of?’ He hits people and just sends them flying. Like everybody goes unconscious, it’s crazy,” said Joe Rogan on his podcast about the current UFC middleweight champion.

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The Brazilian does have freakish punching power as he demonstrated in his fights against Sean Strickland and most recently, Israel Adesanya. A lot of people are not happy with Poatan as the middleweight champion. However, it seems that Joe Rogan is a fan of Pereira and is very excited about his future with the UFC.

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