Jorge Masvidal claims Dana White’s UFC will get ‘sued’ if ‘brain-injured’ Colby Covington gets title shot

Jorge Masvidal After Hearing about the Rumor of Colby will be having Title shot then UFC will get Sued to let the Brain injured fighter fight in.

Jorge Masvidal claims Dana White’s UFC will get ‘sued’ if ‘brain-injured’ Colby Covington gets title shot

Jorge Masvidal Don't agree Colby getting Title (Image Source: Bloody Elbow)

Jorge Masvidal is puzzled about how Colby Covington can legally get a title shot in the UFC. However, many other highly-ranked contenders have criticized the decision, questioning its fairness. Masvidal, for his part, doesn’t see how this title shot can be justified from a legal perspective.

During the UFC 287 media day, Jorge Masvidal expressed his concerns about Colby Covington fighting for a title. Masvidal claimed that he currently has three felony charges because Covington accused him of causing him a brain injury, which Masvidal denies. Masvidal also mentioned that he doesn’t wear a COVID mask, implying that Covington’s accusations may be untrue.

 “UFC is gonna get sued if that guy goes in there and something like that happens because supposedly, allegedly, cause I didn’t do s—t, he says that I gave him a brain injury. I didn’t do s—t. Everybody knows I don’t wear no COVID mask so there we go, that’s bulls—t right there.”

Gambred believes that if the UFC allows Covington to fight and something happens, the organization could face a lawsuit. Dana White, the president of the UFC, has already announced that Covington, who is currently ranked second, will be the next fighter to challenge the Welterweight champion, Leon Edwards.

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Jorge Masvidal doesn’t agree with Colby Covington getting the next shot for the title

Jorge Masvidal Don't Agree with Dana
(Image Source: MMA Junkie)

Earlier in an interview with The MMA Hour, Jorge Masvidal expressed his opinion on Colby Covington getting a title shot in the UFC. According to Masvidal, the fighter who generates the most hype gets the title shot. Also, the fighter who makes the highest pay-per-view sales should be the one to receive the title shot.

“I love Dana, but Dana says a lot of things. History says one thing — whoever makes the most noise when they fight, whoever f****** sells the most pay-per-views, and whoever fans want to see at the end of the day, that’s who’ll get the title shot on top of it. As I recall, champions have always called the shots, and Colby is only a champion of calling the cops, that c***-sucking b****, p****-ass motherf*****. So I’m just going to continue to do me. I’m going to go out there and break f****** Gilbert’s face, and then Leon is going call my name out and then we’ll go fight Leon for this belt, and that’s it. Then Colby can just sit in the timeout box until I call his ass up to fight me again.”

Jorge Masvidal stated that champions typically have control over title shots. Masvidal intends to concentrate on his upcoming bout with Gilbert and then challenge Leon for the belt. He does not consider Colby suitable instead he himself thinks to be the one who will get the title shot.

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