Marlon Vera describes UFC legend Dominick Cruz’s fight style as “LOW-LEVEL” after win at UFC San Diego

Marlon "Chito" Vera has finally gotten past the challenge of beating Dominick Cruz at UFC San Diego. The Ecuadorian bantamweight has a few comments about his opponent's style.

Marlon Vera Dominick Cruz
Marlon Vera vs Dominick Cruz
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Marlon Vera has proved his worth against one of the best to ever do it in the UFC’s bantamweight division. However, the Ecuadorian isn’t a big fan of Dominick Cruz‘s fighting style. A style that is admired by many and labeled “unorthodox” is just “low-level” for Chito.

Last night at UFC San Diego, Marlon Vera, and Dominick Cruz went head to head in a stunning main event bout that took place at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego. The two fighters were desperate for a title shot and gave it their all in the main event. The local fighter Cruz faced a brutal loss making it his first non-title bout defeat.

The veteran was out-pointing his opponent up until the fourth round when Chito pulled a fantastic left kick out of his hat to plant Cruz’s face on the mat. This is undoubtedly one of the best knockouts of this year. Chito after this victory spoke to the media in the post-fight press conferences and had some words to say about his opponent’s style of fighting. Marlon’s words will surely upset a few people who have been fans of Dominick’s career for the last decade.

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Marlon Vera says Dominick’s style of fighting is more suited for boxing

Dominick Cruz vs Marlon Vera at UFC San Diego
Dominick Cruz vs Marlon Vera at UFC San Diego

Cruz is considered to be the GOAT of the bantamweight division by many fans and critics. For many years, Cruz has been a standout with his style of fighting as he follows very unorthodox movements on his feet and is a master at keeping distance. To put into perspective the success Dominick Cruz has had in his career, Dom’s loss against Chito is the only non-title bout defeat in his career and he has only 4 losses.

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“Honestly, me and my team think the way he fights is kind of like very low level,” said Chito Vera while talking to the media at the UFC San Diego post-fight press conference. “There’s no base, there’s no good stance, all that movement, side to side…I just believe that it is not the best style for MMA. Maybe for boxing, it can work better but for MMA you got way too many weapons going,” added Chito explaining why he believes Cruz’s style is not optimal.

Though Vera has his opinion, Cruz’s professional record of 24-4 speaks a lot for itself. Cruz is one of the most intelligent fighters in MMA and exactly knows how to use his weapons. However, to be fair, Marlon can speak out his unpopular opinion boldly given he proved his doubters wrong by taking advantage of his opponent’s “low-level” style.

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