STUNNING! MMA coach predicts exactly how Chito Vera would knockout Dominick Cruz at UFC San Diego

Chito Vera vs Dominick Cruz came to a shocking end. However, Coach Eric Nicksick wouldn't have been too surprised with that, here's why:

Eric Nicksick Chito Vera
Eric Nicksick predicts Chito Vera vs Dominick Cruz knockout
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Chito Vera is on an absolute roll and has stunned the entire fight community with his highlight-reel knockout of UFC legend Dominick Cruz at UFC San Deigo earlier today. His technique was absolutely flawless and put the very tough Cruz away with the amazing knockout.

The knockout of Marlon Vera against the UFC legend came out of nowhere as Cruz was outpointing the fight. Though Vera’s knockout was once-in-a-lifetime, Eric Nicksick knew exactly what would put Dominick away if the fight had to go in Chito’s favor. Eric is the head coach of Xtreme Couture gym which is owned by UFC legend Randy Couture. Eric started off as a student in the gym and is now one of the elite coaches in mixed martial arts.

Chito Vera is on his path to gold and was faced with former champion Dominick Cruz in his hometown of San Diego. Chito was not having it easy in the starting round as Dominick Cruz was technically outscoring his opponent. The Ecuadorian changed things in the fourth round with a stunning left high kick which put Cruz to sleep. That kick was so deadly that it also ended up breaking the nose of the legend. Nicksick, hours before the fight revealed the flaw in Cruz’s style of fighting and predicted exactly how Dom could be stopped.

“Dom tends to roll his head off to his right with his right hand down. Left kick by Chito would be a great answer to that,” wrote Eric in his tweet ahead of the fight. This was exactly what happened in the main event of the latest UFC Fight Night.

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Who is Eric Nicksick, the coach who predicted Chito Vera vs Dominick Cruz?

Francis Ngannou with his new coach Eric Nicksick
Francis Ngannou and Eric Nicksick

Eric Nicksick has a very interesting story. The coach began as a student in Xtreme Couture gym which is held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The gym was founded by former UFC fighter Randy Couture. Nicksick joined this gym in 2007 and has now worked his way up to become one of the primary coaches. The fighter began coaching kids only after 7 years of training.

Eric is now the head coach and GM of Xtreme Couture. His style of coaching has attracted some of the biggest names in MMA. Eric is popularly known for cornering the UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Aljamain Sterling, Paul Felder, and Miesha Tate are other fighters who train under Nicksick. Francis was initially coached by Fernand Lopez but is now training under Eric.

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Eric is a very jovial coach and isn’t shy of the cameras. He has always come out to take in press conferences and doesn’t hide from speaking his mind about the fighters. Ngannou is one of the biggest products of Eric’s training. It is very evident in Francis’s record that Nicksick has completely changed the way Ngannou looks at fighting and has evolved the Predator’s game to another level.

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