“Anybody can get big…” Max Holloway gives fans sneak peak into process of becoming ‘massive’ for UFC 300 fight

Max Holloway's upcoming fight against Justin Gaethjae is one of the most talked about fights ahead of UFC 300.

“Anybody can get big…” Max Holloway gives fans sneak peak into process of becoming ‘massive’ for UFC 300 fight

UFC 300's lightweight revert Max Holloway plans to make weight properly this time (Source: IMAGO/Instagram)

Max Holloway is gearing up to be one part of the next duo of “BMF” title competitors. Speaking to MMA coverage journalist, Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports, he recently hinted at being ready for two titles. The “BMF” gold, and that of his divisional gold. He currently faces Justin Gaethje for the first at UFC 300’s historic card. In doing so, Holloway makes a move back to the 155lbs weight class after five whole years.


With Ilia Topuria already conforming as the featherweight title challenger before UFC 298, and lightweight king Islam Makhachev snubbing out challenges, this was the only course. The 25-7 MMA, 21-7 UFC Holloway thus faces his lightweight peer at UFC 300’s stacked lightweight affair.

For which he is ready. Speaking on his official YouTube channel, he said:

We’re making the right moves that need to be made...Anybody can get big, I got big for my last [at 155] fight, not really the proper way...This way we get to run it back. We’re doing it the right way, we’re putting on healthy weight and I think it’s showing...
Max Holloway via his official YouTube channel

This was an inference to his last outing against lightweight Dustin Poirier at UFC 236. While he went the distance, he lost out the bout to a decision. Additionally, while his resolve is firm, his weight cut at 155 was the problem. And he means to rectify that with a victory in his upcoming 155lbs venture. Ahead of the April 13th historic card, Max Holloway has stirred up fans with his buff appearance.


So this puts into question if there would be any further problems with the cut, going up against Justin Gaethje. In the segment that showcased his extensive training and pad work, ‘Blessed‘ assured that he would be doing it right this time. Reentering the crowded lightweight title contention picture puts him in a bind, but he means to give it all.

Max Holloway comments (ominously) on his 205-pounder rumor

Lightweight re-entrant Max Holloway is working hard to add 10 pounds and rise to 155. The featherweight moves up a division after five years to face Gaethje at UFC 300. The stacked card boasts quite a few lightweight affairs. But the featherweight Holloway, interestingly, is challenging Gaethje for the “BMF” gold.

Max Holloway, who challenges Justin Gaethje next, weighs in on his weight rumors
Max Holloway, who challenges Justin Gaethje next, weighs in on his weight rumors (Source: IMAGO/UFC.go.com)

However, a recent snap of the fighter with heavyweight peer Stipe Miocic shows him in quite a jacked build. Well enough to give 205lbers a run for their money. The fighter is always prone to weight-cut complications. His lightweight affair with Dustin Poirier was a complicated one. His towelgate incident at the UFC 218 weigh-ins is a famed affair.

Here’s what he has quipped about the situation –


Recently, he has also faced a lot of flak for supposedly not being well-built enough to face Justin Gaethje at 155 pounds. Despite Poirier lauding his physique as being quite big, fans have remained doubtful. The due course of current events, however, has fans fearing that he might overshoot.

Holloway has been a featherweight mainstay all his life. He only once rose to 155 to challenge Poirier for the then-vacant interim UFC lightweight championship in 2019.

Currently, it remains to be seen if the lightweight revert can weigh in at 155. If not the not-so-Blessed Holloway might just catch a lot of heat from fight fans.

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