Michael Chandler adopts ‘Mamba mentality’ from Kobe Bryant ahead of Conor McGregor super fight

Michael Chandler quotes Kobe Bryant in latest tweets as he prepares for his upcoming fight against Conor McGregor.

Michael Chandler adopts ‘Mamba mentality’ from Kobe Bryant ahead of Conor McGregor super fight

Michael Chandler channels Kobe Bryant ahead of Conor McGregor fight (Image via Imago/X)

Michael Chandler is ready to take on Conor McGregor. Chandler recently uploaded a video where he channels his inner Kobe Bryant while preparing for his upcoming bout with the Irish superstar. Here is what happened:


Michael Chandler recently uploaded a video on X that shows him training and hitting mitts. The video has a voice-over of the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant talking about getting better every day. He also wrote a caption along with it that read:

#kobebryant wisdom - the highest achievers know the secret. Once they get to a certain point, they look back and realize there was NO SECRET. There was no ONE THING. There was no SILVER BULLETT. Just relentless consistency… Walk On. See you at the top!"
Michael Chandler via X

Chandler has not fought since his last loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 281. This was back in 2022. The lightweight contender featured in the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter with Conor McGregor last year. This was when the talks of McGregor making a comeback against Chandler began circulating.

Excited for the event, Chandler started preparing and after months and months of speculations and unmet predictions, they seem to have finally arrived at an official date. Chandler revealed a while back that they received official confirmation of the fight happening this summer.


‘The Notorious’ has only two fights left on his UFC contract. After over two years away from the octagon his return will be a big event and a humungous opportunity for Chandler. The former Bellator fighter seems very confident in his preparation for his fight against the former UFC double champion.

Michael Chandler is ready to put Conor McGregor into retirement

Conor McGregor was skeptical about his future in the UFC since no talks of renewing his contract have been made so far. UFC CEO, Dana White recently revealed that the UFC will get in touch with the Irish superstar after he is done promoting his Hollywood debut movie.

Michael Chandler responded to Conor McGregor's revelation
Michael Chandler responded to Conor McGregor’s revelation (via Sports Illustrated)

Thereafter, McGregor recently said in an interview with TNT Sports that he has no intentions of retiring and would rather fight to death. Chandler took this to social media and tweeted that he would gladly aid McGregor with that in just 93 days. According to leaked reports and rumors, McGregor and Chandler will fight this summer at UFC 303.

The former double champ is probably the biggest star in the UFC and he is making his long-awaited comeback. Meanwhile, Chandler is fairly new in the promotion with just seven fights under his belt. This fight is surely to be an exciting one given that fans have waited for almost a year to see it finally come together.


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