“She ain’t ever gonna love you,” Nate ‘The Train’ Landwehr’s hilarious analogy for letting kids fight is going viral

Nate Landwehr had the interviewer in splits after giving an outrageous take on what he thinks of fighting as a career.

“She ain’t ever gonna love you,” Nate ‘The Train’ Landwehr’s hilarious analogy for letting kids fight is going viral

Nate Landwehr on fighting as a career(via MMA Fighting)

There’s never a dull moment when Nate Landwehr is around. Landwehr recently criticized fighting as a career choice and why he doesn’t want his son to go down the same path.


Nate Landwehr appeared on The MMA Hour show with journalist Ariel Helwani. During the conversation, Helwani asked if the fighter would allow his son to pursue a career in fighting. In response, Landwehr immediately said no and revealed he didn’t even want his enemies to have this life.

I almost wouldn't wish this life to my worst enemy but I will try to discourage him…if me telling you don't do it gonna break you then you don't have what it takes. This is a hard-knock life man. This fight sh*t is like falling in love with a neighborhood h*e, she ain't never gonna love you.
Nate Landwehr via The MMA Hour

Helwani burst into laughter and Landwehr kept his reputation for saying out-of-pocket things whenever he got a chance. ‘The Train’ has gained massive popularity among fight fans with his incredible sense of humor. The fighter knows how to engage with the audience and this makes him a crowd favorite.

Other than being a tough fighter inside the octagon, Landwehr’s mic skills are exceptional. The fighter always gives fans amazing octagon interviews by hyping himself up with funny callouts. According to many fans, the best part of Landwehr fights is the post-fight interviews. His mic skills can be on par with the likes of Conor McGregor and Chael Sonnen.


Nate Landwehr gets called out by fellow featherweight Kyle Nelson

Kyle Nelson wants to get his hands on Nate Landwehr as both fighters respectively won their fights at UFC Atlantic City. Nelson put on an impressive performance and won his fight against Bill Algeo via TKO and wants to continue his streak further. 

Kyle Nelson wants Nate Landwehr next
Kyle Nelson wants Nate Landwehr next(via Typology, MMA Fighting)

During the post-fight press conference, Nelson revealed his intentions to fight Landwehr. The fighter explained that he had an eye on Landwehr for some time now and was the best choice for his next fight.

Nate has been on my radar for a long time. We fought at UFC Vancouver in Canada together, and all the 145ers are on my radar. Nate had a good performance tonight. I like to stand and bang, he likes to stand and bang, so it makes sense to me.
Kyle Nelson via UFC Post fight press conference

In his last fight, Landwehr dropped his opponent Jamal Emmers in the 1st round, redeeming his previous loss. During the post-fight interview, Landwehr as expected got an electric response from the Atlantic City crowd. The fighter explained taking some time off to recover from the damages he endured in the fight. Given the situation, the UFC might take the potential fight between Nelson vs. Landwehr seriously.

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