‘Hot, young white woman, so you’re trending,’ Sean Strickland calls out Dana White on Joe Rogan podcast for virtue signaling with death of 21-year-old female fighter

UFC President Dana White made a heartfelt post for 21-year-old MMA fighter Shalie Lipp after her untimely death in a car accident.

‘Hot, young white woman, so you’re trending,’ Sean Strickland calls out Dana White on Joe Rogan podcast for virtue signaling with death of 21-year-old female fighter

Sean Strickland calls out Dana White ( Image via : CBS Sports /MMA Fighting)

During his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, many expected Sean Strickland to make some controversial statements. While the middleweight fighter did not disappoint, he also tried to clear his stance on some of his previous statements. While doing so Tarzan also called out Dana White mourning the death of a 21-year-old MMA fighter.


The whole MMA community mourned the death of Shalie Lipp who was an upcoming MMA fighter. She dreamed of competing in the UFC and her death was even mourned by Dana White. White even dedicated a post to Lipp captioned, “I know your name,“. While many renowned fighters also mourned her death, Strickland stated that her death made her famous. Tarzan elaborated more about his comment and called out White during his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

According to Strickland, several fighters mourned the death of Shalie only because of Dana White. Tarzan claimed they wanted attention and did not mourn as much when it came to the death of an ex-UFC fighter. Filepe Colares was hit by a bus in Brazil and died at the age of 29. Strickland brought up the same and questioned why wasn’t Felipe’s death as trending. ” This man probably left a family, he left a life, you know he’s not trending because he is a dirty f***ing Brazilian,” said Tarzan to Joe Rogan.

While Tarzan appreciated White making a heartfelt post for the 21-year-old fighter, he felt there was a criteria. “If you were a hot young white woman, you would motherf** would be trending. You would be trending on ESPN,” added Strickland. While his statement was controversial, he did call out the hypocrisy and the fakeness of many mourning Lipp’s death.


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Sean Strickland calls out UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer for his advice

Sean Strickland retaliates at Bruce Buffer's advice
Sean Strickland retaliates at Bruce Buffer’s advice ( Image via : MMA Mania/CBS Sports)

UFC middleweight fighter Sean Strickland is known for making outrageous and insensitive comments. While a good number of people like and tolerate Sean for making the comments he has had his fair share of backlashes. UFC cage announcer Bruce Buffer even tried advising Sean on his erratic behavior. However, instead of reflecting on the advice Strickland clapped back at Buffer.

Sean Strickland recently gave his sexist opinion on women’s rights. According to Tarzan women should be put back in the kitchen and give up their right to vote for the country back on track. While this comment was heavily criticized Buffer decided to share some of his wisdom with Sean. “Handle yourself with class,” said Buffer in his tweet. Bruce also mentioned that he has no issue with the way Strickland carries himself but should check himself before he wrecks himself.

While it was great advice, it fell on deaf ears. Tarzan called out Buffer and labelled him delusional. “Bruce Buffer ‘Sean carry yourself with class’. More delusional from the entertainment industry, self-importance is the marker of fame. I take my clothes off and bleed for the amusement of people. I understand what I am, I don’t think you understand what you are,” tweeted Strickland. The middleweight fighter has a habit of making headlines controversially and will continue to do so in the future.


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