“She wasn’t that f**king good,” Sean Strickland goes on WILD rant about recent tragic death of 21 year old female MMA fighter

Not many people would have known who Shalie Lipp was if she hadn't died in a car accident according to Sean Strickland

“She wasn’t that f**king good,” Sean Strickland goes on WILD rant about recent tragic death of 21 year old female MMA fighter

Sean Strickland, Late Shalie Lipp ( via : MMA Mania / New York Post)

The MMA community mourned the death of Shalie Lipp after she died in a car accident on 7th May. Shalie Lipp was an upcoming 21-year-old MMA fighter who dreamed of competing in the UFC. Although many renowned UFC fighters mourned her untimely death, one claimed that the grieving was a bit too excessive. UFC middleweight fighter Sean Strickland took to Twitter to rant about the fighter’s death.

Before her death, Shalie Lipp was an MMA fighter with a record of 3 wins and 2 losses. She was scheduled to fight on 20th May and got home after a training camp in Thailand. After her untimely death, Dana White made a heartfelt post on his Instagram captioned “ I know your name,“. UFC fighters like Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping, Daniel Cormier and more mourned her demise as well. Sean Strickland was one of the fighters who also mourned her demise. However, he also went on a rant to talk about the mourning bandwagon and Lipp’s MMA record.

According to Sean Strickland, fighters mourned Lipp’s tragic death only because Dana White talked about it. Strickland also talked about her MMA record and made remarks on how average it was. “People die all the time like that, it’s really fed up. It’s tragic. Anyway, all you bandwagon guys posting pictures of her saying ‘I know your name’, I dug a little deep and I’m gonna tell you. She wasn’t that f***ing good. 3-2 record, coming off a loss against a fighter with a 1-1 record.” said Strickland. “And this is going to sound fed up, but it’s just facts. If you didn’t die, nobody would know your fing name.’ added Sean Strickland.

Sean Strickland’s rant on Shalie Lipp received heavy backlash from the MMA community. Fans called out Strickland for his disrespectful behaviour towards the dead fighter on his social media handles.

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Fans react to Sean Strickland’s insensitive remarks on Shalie Lipp’s death

fans react to sean Strickland
Sean Strickland ( via : MMA Fighting)

Sean Strickland received heavy backlash after going on a rant about late MMA fighter Shalie Lipp. Lipp was an upcoming 21-year-old MMA fighter with a record of 3 wins and 2 losses. The untimely death of Lipp was mourned by UFC’s head honcho Dana White and fighters like Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier and more.
However, UFC middleweight fighter, Sean Strickland went on an elaborate rant to talk about the excessive mourning.

In a video uploaded on his social media handles, Sean Strickland talked about Lipp’s MMA record. He also mentioned that no one would have known the late 21-year-old if it wasn’t for her death. Strickland’s rant received quite a backlash on Twitter. Many scrutinized Strickland’s unnecessary and disrespectful rant.
This is for something he could have kept private. Normally he does say some funny shot but this is rough tbh,” said one user. Others pointed out that Shalie Lipp could have had a great career as Amanda Nunes and Chris Cyborg lost fights in their early days.

She was still an amateur, heck Nunes and Cyborg both lost their first pro fights, you can’t judge a career based on the beginning,” posted one user. While Strickland is known for being insensitive and talking without any filter, fans felt this was rough. According to people, he should have kept it to himself instead of going on a rant.

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