“He is a victim!” Sean Strickland continues to torment Ian Garry for marrying 40-year-old Layla Anna-Lee

Sean Strickland continues to go after Ian Garry for his situation with his wife Layla Anna-Lee. The former ran into Garry recently at UFC PI.

“He is a victim!” Sean Strickland continues to torment Ian Garry for marrying 40-year-old Layla Anna-Lee

Sean Strickland continues to criticize Ian Garry for his marriage with Layla Anna-Lee (via IMAGO/Instagram

An unexpected beef had struck between Sean Strickland and Ian Garry recently. Everything started when Strickland voiced his opinion about the controversial situation between Ian Garry’s relationship with his 40-year-old wife, Layla Anna-Lee. Things escalated quickly when ‘The future’ threatened to sue Strickland in a defamation case. But that didn’t hold the middleweight champion back from opinionating about the matter. It just made him go robust.

In a recent YouTube video upload on his channel, Sean Strickland spoke about his situation with Ian Garry. Although he mocked Ian Garry a bit, he said that ‘The Future’ was a victim. Here is what he said:

Ian, the fu****g cu****d man! This man's a victim. Like, this girl was sliding in Dillon Danis' DM. She wrote a book on how to be a fu****g WAG. Me and him aren't enemies, bro. He's a victim, bro. He was preyed upon.
Sean Strickland via YouTube

Ian Garry married Layla Anna-Lee in February 2022. Ever since, the age difference between them has been a topic of discussion, as Garry was 14 years younger than his wife. An old book called ‘How to Be a WAG’ penned by Anna-Lee jumped into the spotlight. It revealed a lot of hard truths about her as her life coincided with the controversial content of the book. As such, Sean Strickland didn’t hold back in criticizing her.

Ian Garry is fighting Vicente Luque in UFC 296 on December 16. With the recent heat he has received on the internet, how he performs is to be seen. On the other hand, Sean Strickland headlines UFC 297 in January 2024 for his first title defense against Dricus Du Plessis.

Sean Strickland confronted Ian Garry in UFC PI

The two UFC stars have been beefing with each other publicly for a while now. It was due to Strickland’s opinions about Ian Garry’s marriage and his wife. Although Strickland avoided speaking about other fighters’ personal lives, he exempted it in the case of Ian Garry. Now, they met at the UFC Performance Institute and allegedly had a confrontation.

Sean strickland confronted Ian Garry at the UFC PI
Sean Strickland confronted Ian Garry at the UFC PI (Via BVM Sports)

In a recent video post on Sean Strickland’s Instagram handle, he explained the unexpected confrontation with Ian Garry at the UFC PI. As such, he described it as awkward and embarrassing as the security had to escort them out of the building. Further, Strickland mentioned that he had no hatred for the Irishman. But, due to his actions at the PI, if he wanted to settle the differences, he encouraged Garry to DM him, hinting at a possible fight between them.

Earlier, Ian Garry warned Sean Strickland that he would sue him if he continued to spread false information and defame him and his wife. Now, since there’s bad blood between the two, the UFC might look at a potential grudge match. But since they compete at different weight classes, the MMA community doubts it ever happens.

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