The reality behind Kamaru Usman’s controversial STEROID USE accusations

Kamaru Usman
Kamaru Usman
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Kamaru Usman is currently one of the biggest UFC superstars on the roster. The Nigerian became the UFC welterweight champion after defeating Tyron Woodley at UFC 235 in 2019. Since then the fighter has successfully defended his title on five different occasions.

Usman fought Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal twice and won all the fights decisively. His knockout against Masvidal at UFC 261 is considered one of the most brutal KOs in recent history. The Covington vs Usman rivalry was extremely entertaining and it served the fans great MMA action.

Usman is also at the top of the UFC pound-for-pound list and is on his way to becoming one of the greatest fighters of all time. However, with all that success some things are controversial about Usman. Many fight fans have accused Usman of using steroids and banned drugs to recover and be in amazing shape all around the year. Usman is a freak and a physical specimen with incredible grappling, strength and cardio, this has resulted in his rivals calling him out for using PEDs.

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Conor McGregor, Colby Covington’s accusation on Kamaru Usman of steroid abuse

Kamaru Usman Colby Covington UFC 268
Kamaru Usman and Covington at UFC 268

Covington and Usman share one of the most heated rivalries UFC has ever seen in the last few years. Both the fighters hate each other and don’t like to credit each other’s skills at all. Covington who is known for his extreme trash-talking is one of the first fighters who claimed Usman has been taking steroids throughout his career. Covington has mocked Usman a lot for his pimples and has given him the nickname,’ CEO of EPO’.

Similarly, Conor McGregor has also criticized Usman for using steroids and showing symptoms of using them. Although McGregor and Usman have never fought, the ‘Notorious‘ has always been confident about beating Usman at 170 pounds. McGregor has called Usman a ‘juice head’ and has made remarks about Usman’s black spots and pimples.

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Even after all these claims and accusations, the ‘Nigerian Nightmare‘ has never failed a drug test conducted by USADA. Usman has been tested 51 times by the organisation and all the results were negative. Considering that fact, if Usman is using PEDs, he’d have been caught by now. What do you think, let us know in the comments?

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