“Don’t give a fu*k what Dana White says!” Tony Ferguson DEMANDS Jake Paul despite being under UFC contract

Tony Ferguson does not care about Dana White's views as he takes a new step in his combat sports journey. 

“Don’t give a fu*k what Dana White says!” Tony Ferguson DEMANDS Jake Paul despite being under UFC contract

Tony Ferguson does not care about Dana White's opinion as he in intent on boxing Jake Paul (via Imago)

Tony Ferguson is one of the most loved fighters in the UFC. His unorthodox way of living has garnered him many fans over the years. The longtime UFC star made waves this week by calling for a boxing match against Jake Paul. Ferguson is still under contract with the UFC. ‘El Cucuy’ stated that he did not care what Dana White thought about the callout.

Ferguson remains one of the most popular lightweights in MMA despite going winless in his last seven UFC bouts. Ferguson addressed Jake Paul directly during the Podcast and talked about other things as well. ‘El Cucuy’ said he wanted to fight Paul even if the UFC CEO objected. This is what he said:

I don't give a f*** what Dana says. He knows already he don't owe me s**t and I don't owe him nothing. I've done enough for this f**king company."
Tony Ferguson via the JAXXON podcast

The 40-year-old fan favorite made it clear he intended to box Paul whether Dana White approved or not. It is impossible for Tony Ferguson to take a boxing match unless the promotion granted special permission. UFC contracts forbid fighters from competing in other combat sports without authorization.

The build-up and banter between Tony and Paul make for an intriguing storyline. The former UFC interim champ had his sights set on transitioning to the boxing world sooner than later.

Tony Ferguson claimed that he won’t retire anytime soon

Tony Ferguson continued to resist mounting calls for his retirement. The former interim champ is currently on a seven-fight losing skid. His last win came against Donald Cerrone back in 2019. Dana White and Daniel Cormier had also urged Ferguson to take retirement from the sport.

Tony Ferguson has no plans on retiring soon
Tony Ferguson has no plans on retiring soon (via MMA Fighting)

The 40-year-old fan favorite remained adamant that he still had more to accomplish in the octagon. Ferguson stated his desire to continue during an appearance on The Jaxxon Podcast. This is what he exclaimed:

I had a beautiful career, but I'm not done yet. I'm going to fight until the wheels fall off... F*ck retiring.
Tony Ferguson via the JAXXON podcast

Tony Ferguson was once considered the most dangerous contender in the 155-pound division. He holds an incredible 12-fight win streak in the UFC lightweight division. His recent loss came against Paddy Pimblett. Retirement calls will likely continue for El Cucuy. He seemed intent on dictating the final chapter of his career. Ferguson’s passion for competition still burns bright at age 40 despite his late-career struggles.

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