“Only one with the balls to say” – Tony Ferguson revealing Brock Lesnar asking him to retire has fans emotional

Tony Ferguson reveals he was encouraged to think about retiring by former TUF coach Brock Lesnar.

“Only one with the balls to say” – Tony Ferguson revealing Brock Lesnar asking him to retire has fans emotional

Tony Ferguson says former TUF coach Brock Lesnar got in touch after UFC 296 (Source: Instagram/ YouTube, @JAXXON PODCAST)

Tony Ferguson‘s week has been quite eventful, appearing on the ‘JAXXON‘ Podcast. Speaking to co-hosts, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Bear Degidio, Ferguson touched upon a plethora of topics. From bizarrely measuring up Khabib Nurmagomedov in the lead-up to their clash. To Team Khabib’s ambush on his family amidst rivalry. He also shed light on the untouched yet dormant rivalry with  Conor McGregor. But now, Brock Lesnar has entered the mix of that conversation.

Many have encouraged Tony Ferguson to retire, including former TUF coach, Brock Lesnar. Ferguson suffered his seventh straight skid this past December at UFC 296. Despite having shining moments with Paddy Pimblett, ‘El Cucuy’ suffered a lopsided defeat. Following his latest loss to ‘The Baddy’, many pundits and fans have called for his graceful exit; including ‘The Beast‘. Speaking of it, he said:

I still keep in contact with coach [Lesnar]...He said, after one of my fights, I think four fights ago, ‘You should think about retiring’. coach Brock...the coolest thing he would always say to me is “Save your money, pay your taxes.” After every fight, nothing like ‘Good job’, no, ‘Save your money, pay your taxes’. Like, alright, coach..
Tony Ferguson via JAXXON podcast

Ferguson now ties with with former two-division champion, BJ Penn for the longest running losing stretch. In his current run, he has lost out to the likes of Michael Chandler, Nate Diaz, and Justin Gaethje. Standing now at 26-10 MMA, he last tasted victory against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 238. However, later in this segment, the fighter vowed to return to his once-12-win streak phase.

He prompted that despite a 7-fight losing streak, he’d duke it out and not retire until his “wheels fall off.” However, fans yet remain to see that discourse. On prime reaction read – “Brock is the only one with the balls to say what everyone else is thinking.” Which isn’t the only such response.

Fight fans react to Brock Lesnar telling Tony Ferguson to retire

After his 7th consecutive loss, many MMA pundits and enthusiasts instigated that lightweight veteran, Tony Ferguson should retire. Appearing on the ‘JAXXON‘ Podcast, Ferguson hinted that he won’t be hanging up the gloves any soon. Which isn’t the first instance of his saying so.

Time and again he has vowed to continue despite a 7-fight losing streak. But one pays heed when even Brock Lesnar says the same.

Fans react to Brock Lesnar telling Tony Ferguson to step down
Fans react to Brock Lesnar telling Tony Ferguson to step down (Source: UFC.go.com/Twitter)

Lesnar was Tony Ferguson’s coach on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 13. Ferguson consequently won the season and bagged his UFC contract. The duo have maintained an acquaintance since then. While he does not label the fighter as washed up, he does think Ferguson should retire.

And here’s what the MMA community thinks about that –

Many have noted that as a former coach, Lesnar cares for Ferguson’s well-being, saying what many others would hesitate to. Some have also alluded to the fact, yet again, that a prime Tony Ferguson would rock the entire division. But having touched 40 just this month, he is anything but.

Heavyweight veteran Lesnar, who has done the same, coming out of retirement and then rejoining the WWE roster and winning the “Royal Rumble” segment and consecutive titles after a decade (2012) has a unique perspective on the matter.

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