“You’re a random dumba**” – UFC veteran Uriah Hall shockingly insults fan trying to compliment him

An unprompted response to a compliment leaves the internet confused. Fans react to Uriah Hall's absurd response to fan complimenting him.

“You’re a random dumba**” – UFC veteran Uriah Hall shockingly insults fan trying to compliment him

Uriah Hall's confusing response to a compliment leaves Twitter in splits ( Image source: Getty Images )

UFC veteran Uriah Hall recently left fans confused and shocked with his recent rant in a Twitter comment section. The UFC veteran seems to have misinterpreted the intention of a particular fan.


A strange exchange took place on Twitter earlier this week. UFC veteran Uriah Hall lashed out at a fan who seemingly complimented Uriah’s knockout power. In a Twitter thread titled, “which mma/boxing knockout had you genuinely concerned for the other persons life?” one of the clips included Uriah Hall’s incredible head-kick KO of Adam Cella during his time in The Ultimate Fighter. It was a frightening scene that shocked everybody present near the octagon.

Adam Cella was down on the canvas, breathing heavily and everybody was worried about his health. Even Uriah seemed a little tense. Dana White said it was the nastiest knockouts he has ever seen in the fight business.

A fan commented on this saying, ” I think this was the knockout that made @UriahHallMMA scared of his own power. This looked scary as hell”. Maybe this was a sensitive moment for Uriah. He shot back at the fan and wrote, “Lol I think you’re random dumbass don’t know shit and you should probably shut the fuck up and think before you tweet fucking tool please tell me about my career and my wins and losses”.


This left fans confused. This was definitely not the reaction the fan expected while commenting. Some people tried to point out the situation. “Uriah i believe he was complimenting you,” one user wrote. “That’s not a compliment,” he wrote back.

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Fans react to Uriah Hall’s absurd reply to fan compliment

Uriah Hall
Uriah Hall’s absurd reaction invokes Twitter response ( Image source: L/R- Getty Images )

Uriah Hall has been around for a while. With a total of 29 professional fights, the 38-year-old is officially a veteran of the sport. His unprompted response to the fan complimenting his knockout power left netizens confused.

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:


Fans ironically discuss probable symptoms of CTE ( chronic traumatic encephalopathy ). CTE is a brain disorder likely caused by repeated head injuries. “Uriah cant blame CTE cause his fights only have six strikes a round, one user wrote mocking the UFC veteran.

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