WATCH: Jalin Turner becomes ‘fan-favorite’ after pulling off CRAZY skateboarding move after Bobby Green KO

Fans praise new victor Jalin Turner's 360-degree Switch-Tre flip skateboarding prowess, in light of recent win

WATCH: Jalin Turner becomes ‘fan-favorite’ after pulling off CRAZY skateboarding move after Bobby Green KO

Jalin Turner, who defeated Bobby Green recently, wows fans with skateboard (Source: Twitter)

Jalin Turner defeated Bobby Green in a spectacular, albeit somewhat controversial fashion recently. Turner overpowered his opponent, Green, with a big right shot, at the UFC Austin’s co-main event. Fans were doubtful of Turner’s mettle to defeat his opposition. But now, having done just so, the fighter is in a celebratory phase.

As such, a new video has surfaced on X. The video sees Jalin Turner, enjoying himself on a skateboard. The very short lapsed video sees Turner pull off an impressive move with his skateboard. This has garnered many positive reactions, from fans who did not know of his prowess on the board. One prominent reaction read “Just merked Bobby Green in one round then lands a switch tre, he might be my new favorite.”


While the aftermath is all smooth, the course of the actual matchup was less so. Referee Kerry Hatley came under fire recently for his unreactive, late stoppage. In the heat of the fight, Turner had plummeted Green, the downed opponent, with quite a few extra shots. The delay in stoppage has drawn flack from many fans and peers, including CEO Dana White.

Turner himself was also critical of the course of the stoppage, even though he fully revels in his victory. Late in the post-fight presser, the fighter did express that the stoppage should have come a bit sooner.

Fans react to Jalin Turner’s slick skateboarding move

Jalin Turner was recently in the news for his fateful, yet somehow contentious knockout of Bobby Green. While his mettle was not disputed anyhow, his additional punch on a downed Green and subsequent late stoppage did garner a lot of attention.


More so, on referee Kerry Hatley’s part. Ringside commentator and UFC veteran Daniel Cormier termed it,

one of the absolute worst stoppages in MMA history.

Meanwhile, featherweight Sodiq Yusuff, among others, has called for Hatley to be fired.

Fans react to Jalin Turner's skateboard flip
Fans react to Jalin Turner’s skateboard flip (Source: Twitter)

Now, again, Turner himself is in the news after his victory. In a recent tweet, he uploaded a short video of himself doing a turn-and-flip on a skateboard. The yet-unknown prowess of the fighter has drawn in many positive statements. The victory on Green, however controversial it may be, and the subsequent skateboarding stint, sat well with many fans.


The Switch Tre flip, or Switch 360 flip, is one of the basic yet hard maneuvers of the trade. With Turner executing it fairly well in one go, fans are in awe. One even rhetorically says that it’s hard for skateboarders to compete in MMA, thus saying his skills are relevant at part with a skateboarder.

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