“Other people sell tickets for me”- Brandon Moreno thanks Henry Cejudo for bringing the drama into his fight at UFC 270

Brandon Moreno appreciated Deiveson Figueiredo and Henry Cejudo for bringing eyeballs to the fight. Moreno thinks what they are doing is total cringe.

Brandon Moreno
Brandon Moreno

Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo are going to settle their trilogy fight this Saturday in the co-main of the UFC 270. Moreno is defending his championship for the first time against the same opponent he took it from in their second fight. Figueiredo has since changed camp to train with the king of cringe Henry Cejudo and his coach Eric Albarracin.

Moreno loves Legos and is a total Lego nerd. Albarracin was seen to instruct Figueiredo to shoot a Lego belt, which Moreno found very cringe. Though Moreno applauded the challenger and his team for doing these things as these will bring more attention to the fight and it would sell more PPVs. Moreno as champion gets the cut from PPV and he admired the efforts made by his opponent and his team.

“I’m a lucky guy, I’m a really lucky guy. It don’t feel naturanl in me to trash-talking social media or talk sh*t with somebody but I’m a lucky guy because other people sell tickets for me. So, that job they can take that part, that’s it.”

When asked if he had seen Deiveson Figueiredo shooting a Lego belt, Moreno said, “That is so crazy, that’s so fake, I mean my respect, they are the king of the cringe, my respect.”

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Henry Cejudo could be the X factor Figueiredo needs against Brandon Moreno

Henry Cejudo Brandon Moreno
Figueiredo training with Cejudo to prepare for Moreno

Deiveson Figueiredo has changed camp since losing his belt and started training with former flyweight and bantamweight champion of the UFC. Figueiredo stated the loss in the second fight was due to his outside-the-fighting stuff and is now ready to get his belt back with the help of Cejudo who has also trained with Brandon Moreno while preparing for his fight against Demetrious Johnson.

Figueiredo fought too aggressively in the second fight and was finished in the third round by RNC. Cejudo is known for his calm and composed approach and training with would bring that in, Figueiredo. Cejudo knows the importance of having cardio in a five-round fight and knows how to pace himself. If he can transfer his knowledge to his new partner, we would see a new champion

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